How many have you watched a video of a beheading by Muslims?

Or watched an "honor killing" where the husband accused his wife of "adultery" just so he could get out of the marriage and then executed his wife? These are the ways of Islam .After you watched one of these,what was your opinion of this "religion of peace" ? They want to bring this to America and Canada. Muslims in Canada are demanding their "religious rights" and I believe if Canada doesn't cower beneath their demands,these Muslims will give Canada their 9/11.


If you haven't watched one,you need to so you can get a clear understanding of these people.

Update 2:

andy e- Fair enough; some Muslims then.

Update 3:

Hassan- How dare you white wash "Palestinian" suicide bombers who murdered Israeli citizens.The land belongs to Israel and it is their sovereign right to defend it with force.

Gitmo pales in comparison to 9/11.

Update 4:

Lea R- I had not seen the video of the murder/beheading of Eugene Armstrong until now . I wish I hadn't but it is a reality with these fanatics.I will spend the rest of the day trying to get it out of my head too.

Update 5:

Shaz-very well thought out responce

Update 6:

Esther-Exactly the truth.Where does "peace " come into play with submission by fear?

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    1 decade ago
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    I have not and do not wish to watch it, but i have seen footage and understand precisely what you are talking about.

    In India they even burn the wife and have special places for those x wives to live if they live.

    There is also "Rule of thumb" law, and that means the husband is allowed to hit his wife with a stick made of wood as long as it is not thicker than his thumb, and they do use their thumb to size up the whacking stick mate,, and a friend of mine said if the husband is not happy with the meal his wife serves him, he is entitled to pick up the plate and up turn it, on top of her head and is that funny?

    "Off with their head" is a catch phrase from the days of the guillotine and we only stopped hanging people in the 60's, i think, sorry but i cannot recall the year is far too grizzly to dwell on the death scenes.

    I have had death scenes in my experience so i unfortunately have these kind of images flashing back thru my mind and they do echo, so, most of us try to block those feelings and memories because the pain knocks us to the ground when we get too close to it and we just want peace.

    The stoning of humans is also outdated and cruel as are most of the rituals from a country steeped in religious past habits and practices...we are a modern country here and we say everyone has the right to dignity and respect just for being our fellow human being and no proof is required to save your pathetic life from the death penalty but we will imprison violent offenders who try to break the peace we have already paid for with the loss of so many lives.

    -Anzac day-

    I live in Oz but we have a huge population of them everywhere here and we love them and they love our way of life, and most of us are very very happy to learn about their culture and do not find the head dress offensive at all and the girls are encouraged to play sports at schools and we, as the people welcome any mates mate, as we are the result of convicts here and we built this country on our own blood.

    And we do look after the original land owners and we even say so whenever we have concerts and so forth, they thank the traditional land owners for allowing them to perform and we all mean what we say...That is why they are trying to get here by the boat load and risking their lives to do so.

    I like the berka as a fashion, and would love to be allowed to wear one,, but,, now it is the target of hatred...i threw a black scarf over my head to walk around the block to my house, one night last week and as i walked, i felt that creepy feeling come over me, the feeling that i may be mistaken for one of them and someone may have a go at me.

    Our last prime minister did us the best favor "Banned guns in Australia" and we have a young man named Martin Bryantt or whatever his name is to thank for that.

    Anyway we do not have the right to bear alms as you do over there and we do not want it because we want a peaceful world not a war-zone thanks.

    I do not believe that the average family person wants to have these type of be-headings and other crimes as their law within the new home they go to escape from such heavy duty realities.

    They are still in recovery and only seek a peaceful future.

    They may fear and so wish more safety but i do not "BUY" the story that they want those laws or why did they even go to your land of the free?

    So many of the young people have lost their lives in a personal way that we cannot find a Way to share empathy over?

    We are afraid!

    We do not want to wind the clock back that far on our own human existence level of society and what we call "Civilized" but we do not want to leave the suffering to suffer do we?

    I have also seen images of starving children on my t.v ever since i was a kid and they are still starving and we keep on eating more and paying to get thinner.

    Funny thing that!

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    4 years ago

    This is the very reason that religions must be squashed, the kindest description one could give of them is that they are power structures and within them is the concept of rightness. Once imbued with the sense of rightness any religious person can be coaxed to extreme violence . None Of which should infer that I approve of their god in any form. The three most violent religions are all of the book of Abraham and worship the Nasty Little Desert god. It is reliabley estimated that around one million children are now orphans as a result of the assistance given to their liberation by American led forces in Iraq. Still there is no sign of gog and magog. And how long has it been since the illustrious Osama Bin Laden was mention in the killing fields of Afghanistan?

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    1 decade ago

    As a Canadian, I somehow don't think we'd be a target.

    The CN tower is still standing.

    I've seen a beheading video of Eugene Armstrong.

    It took most of the day to try to forget what I made myself watch.

    I'm really dissappointed with Europeans killing of Palestinians.

    It's shite desert land that belongs to the brown folk who were there first.

  • Sarah
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    1 decade ago

    Half my family consists of devout Muslims. I visit Egypt every other summer. I have met and talked to more Muslims than you ever will, and NONE of them are like this. They are peaceful, genuine people and it's unfortunate that these videos allow you to generalize such negative things.

    As a person who grew up in a Christian and Muslim family, I know that Islam is not a religion to be hated or feared any more than another. It's the individual extremists we should be worried about.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes this stuff really makes me sad I watched it before I don't know why we can't all just be at peace meditate and have love for mother earth. I like the picture in you avatar by the way.

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    1 decade ago

    Why would I want to watch a video of a beheading? And how does the actions of a few point to the actions of all?

    But lets see...."the husband accused his wife of adultery just so he could get out of the marriage and then executed his wife?"

    Sounds like Henry VIII to me. Guess what religion he belonged to.

  • 1 decade ago

    You have to distinguish between cultural practices and religious practices. It's kind of like saying "Mississippi has a huge Klan following, and the majority of Klansmen are Baptist, so therefore most Baptists are in the Ku Klux Klan."

  • Oh and you don't have criminals in your society,no serial killers, no rapists and no sociopaths and no disturbed individuals going on shooting sprees.

    I've heard of a hate crime committed against an African American by racist people who wrapped the arms of the man to two different trucks and then drove the trucks apart.

    So please give us a break.

    Israel is only 61 years old this land was inhabitated by Arabs long before the concept of Zionism was even created.

    Creating a Jewish state on the basis of killing non Jews is nothing but evil.

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    Yes l have and once again, l have to state that there are HUGE differences between culture and religion and people need to start learning that!

    Edit: thumbs down once again for speaking the truth. Continue being ignorant then, since so many do it so well.

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    1 decade ago

    Saw in a documentary. Barbaric. I think beheading would be ruled unconstitutional in Canada.

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