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Legal aspect of Media Violence?

So i need to find information on the legal aspect of media violence. I know it's legal and stuff but is there a limit and that type of stuff

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    What kind of media violence exactly are you referring to? And which country or state are you talking about.

    I live in Indonesia. In my country, one of the most popular criminal charges of this day is "defamation and humiliation". In mid 2009, a mother of two young children got arrested for telling her friends in a newsletter about a hospital's poor service, after her complaints to the hospital had been ignored. In mid 2009, an Indonesian singer/actress was taken to court for posting a tweet on Twitter that infotainment is more evil than whores and murderers, cursing the paparazzi's souls to burn in hell. When she tweeted that, she had been on a tiring date at a movie premiere with her celebrity boyfriend, it was almost midnight and she was carrying her boyfriend's sleeping daughter out of the theatre when the paparazzi bumped the girl with his camera and the reporters won't stop bugging her. So although it was really the paparazzi's fault for being so rude and insensitive, the fact that this public figure posted a "violent" public tweet on Twitter caused an avalanche of an uproar and made it qualify for a criminal charge.

    Hope that gives you some ideas of case studies you could look into; maybe not those ones, but similar cases that happened more around the corner from where you are. Perhaps you should consider re-posting this question with a definition of "media violence" and the state whose law you want to look into.

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