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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

What war crimes did Benito Mussolini Commit?

Detailed please and a source if you have one

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    War crimes:

    Mussolini is responsible for several war crimes during the Italian occupation of Abyssinia (today Ethiopia) and Yugoslavia.

    During the second Italo-Abyssinian war, Italian troops commited atrocites such as the use of mustard gas, the bombing of Red Cross hospitals and ambulances, the execution of captured prisoners without trial, the Graziani massacre, the killings at Däbrä Libanos monastery, and the shooting of "witch-doctors" accused of prophesying the end of fascist rule.

    During the Italian occupation of Yugoslavia in WWII, Italian troops used draconian measures to intimidate the native Slavic population into silence, such as summary executions, hostage-taking, reprisals, internments and the burning of houses and villages.

    Many historians consider both of the forementioned an attempt of genocide.

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    Benito Mussolini Crimes

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    He didn't murder anyone personally, he left that to his Fascist underlings. -------------------- Just before World War II started in Europe, Italy invaded the almost defenceless country of Ethiopia (Abyssinia) in October 1935. It was a brutal and ruthless invasion in which a form of mustard gas was used for the first time since the Great War of 1914-1918. On February 19/20, 1937, Mussolini's Blackshirt Fascists committed a series of particularly senseless massacres on the Ethiopian people. In Addis Ababa, (which was captured in May, 1936 and liberated in April, 1941 by the British) a bomb was thrown towards a table around which General Graziani and number of Italian officers were seated. No one was killed but after a moments silence one of the officers fired his revolver into a group of Ethiopian civilians seated at a table nearby in the courtyard of the Palace. The Italian Carabinieri then followed suit and in the melee that followed over 300 Ethiopians lay dead in the courtyard and around the Palace. The corpses were then robbed of all valuables and money. Houses nearby were set on fire and burned well into the night and next day. Over the next three days at least three thousand Ethiopians were killed by rampaging gangs of fascist soldiers. During the Italian invasion around 275,000 Ethiopians were killed, 17,800 of whom were killed by bombing. According to Ethiopian sources a total of 670,000 Ethiopians lost their lives during the entire Italian occupation. For this and other atrocities committed by fascist troops in Africa and the Balkans, no Italian was ever prosecuted for war crimes. As one author states "There was no 'Nuremberg' for Italian war criminals". (Ethiopia declared war on Italy, Germany and Japan on December 1, 1942). ---------------------- Mussolini at first thought racism was 'unproductive', but by 1938 he had, for some reason (perhaps out of competitiveness with Hitler ??), he had become one. He made some claims that '(He) was more racist than Hitler'.

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    He commited the ultimate italian crime -

    He made small meatballs. And if that weren't bad enough, he had Clara buy bottled tomato sauce.

    His favorite song was "You Get No Bread With One Meatball."

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    He was a friend Adolph Hitler, isn't that enough?

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