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Are there any killers other than Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhes, and Michael Myers?

I am getting into that slasher stuff. Are there any other famous killer series guys other than those people I already named? Also, who do you think would win if they all fought? Freddy is my favorite.


Oh I almost forgot, do you think Freddy and Jason would gain up on Michael because they're the same company? hahaha

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    well other than michael ,jason and freddy...we have

    chucky [childs play-5 films]

    victor crowley[hatchet]

    ghostface killer[scream-3 films]

    leatherface aka thomas hewitt/sawyer[depending on if you watch old or new versions the surname changed ...texas chainsaw massacre-6 films3 original one 90s version and two new ones], jigsaw [saw -6 films]

    genetically mutated freak family [ sorry dunno actually name -hills have eyes films -two orignal two new versions]

    hannibal lector [5 films- there is one version played by brian cox]

    norman bates [psycho -3 films plus one crappy remake]

    leprechaun [ i think there is 5 or 6 total films of the same name]

    critters[ wierd little alien monsters -they are funny films 4 of them]

    bogeyman [3 films]

    the tall man [phantasm - four films ?]

    the 3 urban legends films have differing killers but i would say are well worth watching

    pinhead [hellraiser -3 films?]

    puppetmaster [8 films ?]

    angela baker [sleepaway camp films -4 ?]

    damien thorn [the omen -3 films plus one which his daughter takes his place and one remake a bad one!]

    ricky and billy chapman [silent night deadly night 1 and 2 -theres more i think 5 or 6 total]

    the creeper [jeepers creepers 2 films]

    dr alan [2 films called the dentist]

    jack frost [2 films one involves mutant killer snowballs hahaha]

    rusty nail [2 X roadkill films]

    pumpkinhead [ i saw these when i was young ...maybe 3 films ?]

    the reeker [ reeker x 2 films]

    i have probably left out some obvious ones [and will probably kick myself lol ]...but thats all i can remember for now ....not all are good ....some are just cheesy but they are good classic horrors in most cases or just really enjoyable films:)

    EDIT****forgot to add who i thought would win ...outta freddy jason and michael i say jason ..hes killed in outer space ,and survived 12 films already ! one against freddy ,freddy has only lasted for 7 plus the one with jason and michael only for 6 so i would put my money on jason winning the fight :)

    EDIT****after how freddy vs jason ends i would doubt they'd be helping each other out nah i wouldnt think they'd gang up on michael ..possibly sneaky freddy would try and get michael to gang up on jason though??

    Source(s): 29yr old female film fan [and lover of gore - welcome to the horror happiness]
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    I don't care for Jason Voorhees anymore. I think he's become quite boring ever since like the 4th film in the "Friday the 13th" franchise. Michael Myers is still the best killer around, but I would have to give a SLIGHT edge to Freddy Krueger, because he haunts your nightmares. If he kills you in your sleep then you NEVER wake up and I think that's scary enough for any person who has nightmares. I used to be afraid of falling asleep when I was young after watching the 1st "A Nightmare on Elm Street" film.

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    Jason is definitely my fav not only is he strong but he seems to be in more than one place at a time and that hockey mask is just legendary. I dont think there are any killers more famous( other than Jigsaw from Saw) than the 3 you just names but Alien and Predator even though they are not from this earth they still could kick all there butts!! Jack the ripper hasnt had much fame but he is the scariest killer i've ever seen as in the movie From Hell and the real life 1888 murders in whitechapel. There should be a film series for him but there isnt. Here are a list of killers i thought could be part of a quadrilogy. The killer from See no evil( played by WWE'S Kane), he was brutal and Jason looking. The killer from The toolbox murders. The killer from Black Christmas 2009. Ben Willis from I know what you did last summer. Ghostface from Scream even though he is killed in each movie he lives on in that costume. I hope that has helped..

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    texas chainsaw massacre is the only one i could think of right now. i like jason he'll win hes bad ***

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