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im going to buy my first house. i want to no how much realtors and real estate people charge to find you a home. and who do you reccomend.

thank you

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    Here's a tip: Never go with a realtor who tells you that "the going rate is _%".

    There is no set % on commission. Every realtor/firm sets their own rates. But you generally get what you pay for. Some realtors are more expensive than others, but that also boils down to what type of clients they deal with, what services they can offer you, the experience they bring to the table etc.

    Ask your friends and family that have purchased/sold homes in the area. See who they recommend or don't recommend. Interview different realtors. Don't feel obliged to go with the first one you meet. You should ALWAYS go with the realtor you have a good feeling about. If the chemistry isn't there or you sense that something is off, thank them for their time and go elsewhere. A realtor will be there every step of the purchasing process and you will be seeing them a lot, talking to them and in general working with them. So choose someone that you like and can work well with.

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    if you are buying the seller pays the commission, if you are selling the commission is negotiated between you and agent. right now arizona is usually 6-7 percent but other facts can change that it is not a set amount. contact me by my email and i can give you a name for tucson i am in a Arizona broker

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