How Can I make Free International calls on the MagicJack?

I recently bought and registered a magicjack in the U.S., but I live in Mexico, so I can now call the U.S. for free.

but the problem is, I have relatives in Puerto Rico, Spain, England, Chile, Brazil, etc. and I have to pay a to make those calls even through magicjack, I bought this device so that I could call for free, just like it advertises, but a yearly fee isn't free.

is there any way to hack it or something that way I CAN call for free internationally?

thanks for your time

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  • joe r
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    10 years ago
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    i do not think that the advertising anywhere says that it is free.. there is a $20/yr fee for the service.. the first year is included with the purchace of the device..

    calls to the US/CAN are included international calls need to be prepaid for... there is no hack to allow you to make free calls internationally, and even if there was, this would be theft of service and illegal.. will allow you to make free calls to puerto rico, spain and many other destinations... calls to

    chile are 1c/min

    brazil 3c/min

    united kingdom 1c/min

    MJ international rates for

    spain are 2.2c/min

    united kingdom 2.2c/min

    chilie 4.4c/min

    brazil 5.4c/min (ymax is MJ parent company)

    there are no rates for PR so calls to PR should be included...

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  • Carl N
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    10 years ago

    If you wanted free international calls to specific people, try Skype. MJ international calls are "free" to other MJ users, because they also have a Magic Jack. I didn't see anything in the MJ FAQ's that even suggested that international calls were free.

    In fact, I believe it says "free" long distance for a year. That's only because you pay $40 to buy the hardware and a year's service.

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  • 4 years ago

    did you look at vonage. they have a lot of international deals. magic jack has no customer support. I did some research when I saw the commercials earlier this year. I would avoid this company nothing but complaints and non resolution. vonage. lady at work has this and called Europe alot and siad it was advantegous. I just do not know about Phillipeans.

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  • 6 years ago

    Hey....Puerto Rico is included in USA Magic Jack calls for free......

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