Can I bathe my dog before or after applying K9 Advantix?

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My dogs have recently gotten fleas so I bought them all K9 Advantix. A few of them are indoor dogs, and they need baths. Can I give them a bath and then apply the medication? Or can I more
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It lasts through water anyway but why not just bathe them first...then it can be a fresh application. But I would bathe them with a flea remover first.
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  • Bob answered 4 years ago
    Bathe before applying the Advantix, then wait several days before bathing again (the dogs, not you!!)
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  • ghostrider734 answered 4 years ago
    no you can't give them a bath for 2 days after it was applyed because it will wash off after you put it on


    use to be a bather
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  • MeanJean answered 4 years ago
    It's ok to give them a bath beforehand using a mild shampoo formulated for dogs. I would not recommend a flea and tick shampoo as they can be very harsh.

    If you want to bathe them afterward you can, just wait as long as it says on the package. I think it's 24 hrs but it could be 48 hrs.
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  • C Shoe answered 4 years ago
    Don't apply it and then wash it off! What's the point?
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