Guys........Which race of women is more attractive. Caucasian, Black, Latina or Asian?

See me personally prefer White women, but i'm biased because that is all i have grown up around, so my own race is my preference, but obviously if i was mixing with all different type of women then yeah i would probably say different. I'm from England, so most of country is made up of mostly White, then Black, then Asians and very rarely we have south Americans, but we have few if any Mexicans.


Hey WTF!! i said guys, so what's with all the girls answering! lol.

Update 2:

@ scott, well Asians can mean south and east Asians. Indians, Chinese, Japanese etc live in UK.

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    In american culture.. when we say "asian" we mean "oriental" only. Indians we call.. indians. Paks.. we call paks.

    I'm white but I definately prefer asian. My fiancee is japanese. Its just that asian females are just the best behaved female on earth. I dont mean that in a sexist sense. I mean it in a CLASS sense.

    Everybody loves classy and asians females are the DEFINITION of classy. Thats why you will NEVER see them on jerry springer. Too much class.

    White females dont want to grow old with males anymore... so anybody who hooks up with a white chick is going to spend their older years cuckolded by boy toys.

    (especially if she is successful strong and independent). So forget that if you plan on becoming an older male some day. White chicks are out. I'd say that whites destroyed white man white woman. Its over.

    Black chicks... in kenya are great. If you want to become a 60 year old cougar man with 22 year old girls.... africa is THE place (better than thailand). In american culture... women are the cougar and males are the hag.. but in african culture... men are cougar and women are the hag (the black men do things differently from us whites). Sugardaddies are extremely popular there. The downside is the crime rate. Only do that if you can afford a nice home in a nice area and have a guarded gate. (i can..but 60 is 30 years off. I'm saving that for if I become an old male widow or something... or i might just go east. Asian girls love sugardaddies too but not as much as african girls).

    Black american chicks.. I dont know.. as long as they arent ghetto I can go there...but.... its just easier to meet asian girls than upperclass black girls. I tend to gravitate to females that are easier to meet.

    Caucasian? I have no real attraction to white females in america. They are fake. You fall in love with a white blonde chick..... then you meet her and take her out to lunch .. then you start dating officially ... and you are head over ears in love. Then after 9 months of dating.. she decides to introduce you to her mom.. and you walk thru her childhood house and then you SEE A PICTURE OF HER AS A TEENAGER ON THE WALL and its like "WHATT??? you hair is BROWN?????? Deception cant buy love and happiness. I'm gone."

    At least when asian girls dye their hair.. they arent fooling anyone.

    Latina? well.... there is no such thing as a latina. A hispanic is either black... white (spaniards etc) ... or asian .. or a mix of those.

    A peruvian girl who has no white ancestry is asian. I date asians.. so I can be attracted to native peruvian girls very easily. But... a white hispanic who traces their roots to spain... is white.. and ... i'm not attracted to white females BUT I think latina whites are more attractive than white american girls because they are tanner. They dont need tanning salons.

    What did I leave out? south east asian? I wouldnt date them because they get honored killed alot for dating white guys. I know that is not EXTREMELY common...but.. its still scary. Just the real possibility of that shrivels me up. Those women have to date their own race and religion or they can get killed (especially arabic women).

    So.. i'm not into south east or middle east.

    • Nott5 years agoReport

      You talk about white people and deception? Asians get plastic surgery for crying out loud!

  • 6 years ago

    I'm asian and I always attracted to white chicks. :/. If you ask me, do other asian find white people attractive? Yes, definitely. Most celebrities in my country are of white descendant. They really have those various different looks and charismatic. I don't know, something about white people is so charismatic. Unlike typical asian who happens to be conformist people, white people are more independent, brave enough to stand out for what they believe in.

    Also, white people happens to have really various looks. You can meet blonde, brunette, redhead, black haired, blue eyes, grey eye, black, brown eye, various nose, and other really different physical features. It's just so broad. Who cares if they're fake anyway? Asian are fake too, you know! Just see tons of korean pop stars having plastic surgery. They put tons of facial cream to make their face look WHITE. Yeah, the exact opposite of how you guys really want to get tan. See? Just because you're asian, it doesn't make you less fake than white people.

  • 5 years ago

    Facial - 1st Caucasian chicks, black chick last

    Physical - 1st Caucasian, asian chick last

    Suitability as wife - 1st Asian, Caucasian last (especially blonde)

    From my observations, it seems that the attractions are the most between opposite races with only exception; Caucasian women are not into Asian men (except the very rich). Interesting for the experts to do academic and social research on this bizarre exception. Sorry i am being frank here cos i do not want to be politically correct in this kind of discussion.

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    3 years ago

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  • 4 years ago

    You definitely could have found some better looking black women, like Oluchi Onweagba or Garcelle Beauvais, and some better looking Asian women like Aishwarya Rai or Hiroko Mima.

  • 4 years ago

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  • 6 years ago

    I'm Jamaican American and I love all attractive women of races except for Black women.

    • Althéa5 years agoReport

      It's not as if Black women want you anyway. X'D

  • 3 years ago

    Latina isn't a race.

  • 3 years ago


    Source(s): Ultimate Attraction Guide
  • 3 years ago

    I think blonde hair will be sexiest, but brown hair can become really sexy too. Black hair is never sexy. It's just really dull and boring and flatters few complexions. Blonde hair looks best with glowing blue eyes.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    a lot of people look good with black curly hair, but not everyone looks good with blonde hair.

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