Connecting Macbook Pro to TV?

I want connect a late 2009 model 13" Macbook Pro to an HDTV, through my research Ive decided I need a mini display adapter.

For audio, what do I need? Or does the HDMI setup for the mini display port make the audio work?

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  • 10 years ago
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    With the exception of the newest Macbook Pros, the MiniDisplayPort doesn't support audio. You'll need a simple 3.5mm audio cable like this one which goes into the headphone jack on your computer and into an audio input on your tv. You're correct with the HDMI cable for video though.

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  • 3 years ago

    hdmi to dvi hookup received't artwork by way of truth there is an incompatible decision between both. i tried this with a dvd participant and the 20 inch cinema show from my previous mac. would not artwork. i imagine of the topic has to do with out longer being waiting to upscale from dvi to hdmi yet you would possibly want to downscale from dvi to vga. what you want is a dvi-vga adapter assuming that your television has a vga enter.

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