Any ideas....first grader invention out of everyday items?

We need to come up with an invention out of everyday items and not having any luck. my son has 1000 ideas but they are waaaaaaay out there lol, any simple ideas i can mention and see what his little creative mind comes up with? I appreciate your help

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    My kids use to HATE the crust on bread. Make a crust remover out of heavy cardboard shaped in a square. Press the crust remover over the bread and the nasty crust is off the bread.

    My other child dreaded taking tests. So she invented the test taker. It was just a cardboard box that you put over your head.while taking the test. She painted the inside blue and glued beach pictures in it. She said it relaxed her. She was in first grade at the time I think. Just have fun with it and good luck!

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