why do i have to dumb myself in order to find a job?

I'm an experienced accountant as well as a administration secretary with many many many customer service skills. After being laid off my last job due to the economy, i have applied EVERYWHERE!!!!! I have gone through job agency's, lots of websites like careerbuilders and monster and craigslist. but there are thousands of others just like me looking for a job. so i tried sending my resume to small little jobs (you know those starter jobs) like supermarkets, walmart, restraunt jobs and they always look at me and say "YOUR OVER QUALIFIED" I hate it because they know i'm going down to this level because i'm desperate for a job and need money but they still ask stupid questions about what am i doing here. So my idea is to "dumb" myself on the resume, instead of having "the Account's Receivable Clerk" who is known for gaining back over $50,000 in lost revenue, i'll just put "Front Desk Clerk" that way I don't seem so smart to them, what do you think? Then I'll also have a separate resume that has my real skills to be sent to the real big jobs. But for now, I really need any kind of job that will provide a meal on the table for me and my wife.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Definitely check out everyone else's answers, but I thought I would share my own issues in the faltering economy, and actually having the opposite of you - having a LACK of a great resume.

    Honestly, they say not to lie on a resume, but in order to receive even a $10/hr. job in telemarketing, I had to say I'd worked for tele-sales company's much longer, because of requirements in applying. And when I was really trying to work, I as well applied to Wal-Mart, and received a cashiering position by just putting ONE job on my application, that being a volunteer as a cashier at a non-profit organization.

    Jobs who start most people out at minimum wage sometimes do NOT want to help those with high prospects and great backgrounds. And jobs giving great salaries out just aren't around much.

    My brother is a manager of a large retail company up north, and he said a lawyer of 10 years applied to their store, and they did not hire him because he was over-qualified.

    It's sad what is going on. And I just want to say that whatever is necessary to get a job - aside from murder or blackmail - is okay by me. Making $10/hr. in telemarketing right now for me would do my husband and our child a great deal right now in this economy.

    I sympathize and wish you the best of luck!

    Source(s): My own 9-5 out-applying-for-jobs experience
  • FaithE
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    10 years ago

    Have you applied for any federal jobs? has lots of accounting jobs listed, as well as administrative support assistant, and secretary.

    If you are intelligent and capable, with many skills, you will hate a "small" job and they don't pay enough to meet expenses. To land one, you may indeed need to take the professional edge off the resume. In fact, most of the small jobs don't accept resumes anyway; they want you to fill out an application, so sending them your resume is a waste of time.

    As for websites like Monster, the competition is incredible. My husband's company advertised on Monster for a facility manager and received 125 resumes in 4 hours. The same holds true for some of the federal jobs, especially ones for which minimal education and skilss are required, like file clerk. But it would seem that your skills are a little more in need, so give it a shot.

    So good luck. The talking heads keep telling me that the economy has improved. Yeah...right.

  • Lisa
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    10 years ago

    Probably if you are trying to get basic jobs. Why should they hire someone who may leave in a year or will demand more money? Also try to work on answering that question better. I wouldn't hire someone overqualified who is just trying to get food on the table because they will leave as soon as they find something better.

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