when applying for rotc (preferably air force) do you enter as an officer right away?

I am a junior in high school and I am hoping to major in engineering during college. I was wondering about the ROTC program because I am interested in becoming an officer. Do you become one right away after college, do you have to rank up? Also, do you know if Air Force engineers make good money? Thanks.

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    Yes, an Afrotc/Rotc Cadet or Nrotc Midshipman commissions as a Lieutenant or Ensign on graduation from College. Generally 18-24 months O-1 to O-2. Another 24 months O-2 to O-3. Pay is decent. All officers are also eligible for tax free BAH and BAS.


    All Nrotc, Nrotc Mo and Rotc Scholarships pay full tuition. Only about 5% of Afrotc Scholarships pay full tuition. These are in certain majors-computer engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, certain strategic foreign languages. Afrotc and Nrotc (navy option) scholarships are overwhelmingly awarded in Engineering, Math, and a few Science subjects.

    Good description of Afrotc:


    Good understanding of Nrotc by reading Faq on the website of the nation's first Nrotc Battalion:


    The Air Force also has another college program for Engineers, TDSP. Click on money for school and scroll down to TDSP:



    The Navy has several college programs for engineers that are not Nrotc based: Nupoc, Cec, Bdcp.

    Ensigns commissioning through Nrotc generally will not work as Engineers. Those commissioning through the other programs will generally work as engineers.






    That's all the links I can post...

    The Coast Guard has a direct commissioning program for engineers. Marine Officer MOS( job )selection for all officers except those with Aviation or Jag contracts and regardless of commissioning source takes place at TBS according to performance at TBS.

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    While in ROTC you will be a cadet (or midshipman if NROTC). That rank is an appointed officer that falls between the lowest and highest warrant officer grades. At graduation and commissioning, you will be a 2LT with no real seniority. You can check the DFAS web page to see what a 2LT makes. Air Force engineers are paid the same as anyone else of the same rank. I think the current time in grade to 1LT is 18 months.

    Source(s): Retired military
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    when you graduate you will be commissioned as a 2nd Lt (af,army,marines). you will rank up according to your time in service and your board results. all 2nd Lt make the same ammount of money based on TIS (excluding OE scale, but that dosent matter to you). i dont know if there is any special duty pay for CE officers, but there could be.

    Source(s): SSgt USAF and attempting to get my own ROTC slot
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    Yes you can, a lot of new officers are just out of college.

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