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How would you analyze this poem?

I have to turn in the analysis on Monday and recite it on Friday. =/

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Formally the poem is set in rhyming iambic tetrameter quatrains, with a rhyme scheme that is atypical for this category of poems. Its rhyme is aaba and interlocking with the next stanza, similar in that sense to that other famous poem of his, "Acquainted With The Night", which is terza rima.

    It makes me think of common measure, where lines alternate between four and three iambs, except here all the lines are straitjacketed into tetrameter, and the abcb rhyme scheme devolves into aaba.

    Other than that, one can note how this form emphasizes the repetition of the refrain of the end, where, having no further stanza to foreshadow, the penultimate line ends up rhyming with the rest of its stanza. The monorhyme adds to the sense of both purpose and constrainment generated by the refrain.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I had to analyze this in college and after a lot of time thinking about it, the teacher said that it's just a poem Frost wrote about someone who had to keep moving because he had gifts for his grand kids, and that's basically it. There's allusions to Xmas and dying in the ending couplet, but there's not any other message.

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  • 4 years ago

    a million) the 1st, outer worldwide is the only projected onto us via society, telling united stateswe prefer funds to be considered 'worth'. This stifles the recommendations and traps us into expectancies. 2) shows that the worldwide projected onto us is complicated in many procedures, yet basic in one way, conformity is the golden rule. 3) reenforces the assumption of conformity offered in stannza 2 and thhe mechanical mindless existence hinted at in stanza one. 4) can provide the thought that conformity is tantamount to relinquishing our identity. the only hint of your existence being the communities thought of you. 5) this stanza shows the 1st, societally based, worldwide lacks substance because of the fact meaning is lost in mindless pursuit of preconceived targets and sure via policies. 6) this stanza shows the 2d worldwide is that of the self and the actual, no longer a worldwide reliant in basic terms on societal concerns. 7) 'mens memories' and 'essence that proceed to be' are indicators that this worldwide is one among substance and meaning. 8) this stanza talks of vacationing 'on the wings of desires' and different such end results of the mind's eye. a stark assessment to the 'stifled recommendations' of stanza one. 9) reference is made to the thought that devoid of our spirit and recommendations we'd haven't any reason to attempt to enhance, and subsequently, no prefer for an existence in line with those meaningles advancements. 10) an ultimatum is posed the place we ought to 'elect' a worldwide, each and each on the cost of the different. means that attempt must be made to be in touch with our spirit and recommendations faraway from the 1st worldwide. 11) end. the poem demannds that we pay interest to the fewer complicated, extra significant joys than short lived arrogance and materialism.

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  • Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    He doesn't think its the end of the road yet. He doesn't want to die, because there is still more he wants to do with his life. He's going to keep going on the journey called life.

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