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Supernatural: ep18, why does Sam not want Dean to give himself up to the Angles and Michael?

why does Sam not want Dean to give himself up to the Angles and Michael? I get that they want to find another way and plan so they can fight together.

Also what do you think has happened to Adam? And what do you think would happen if Dean stayed in that room and Michael had actually came down?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I LOVE this show!! You're right. They do want to find another way. If Dean gave himself up to Michael, then many people on the planet would die. Even though Lucifer wouldn't have his true vessel Sam, I imagine he's still very powerful. I also think Sam's afraid of losing Dean like the other person who answered said. He's seen Dean die several times (remember that episode where Sam was stuck repeating the same day where Dean died). I also think Sam's afraid of being left alone and the decisions he might make because his brother isn't there to watch his back. Remember the episode when Dean was transported into the future and in that future Sam had said "yes" to Lucifer? The Dean of that future said that he didn't know why Sam had said "yes" because he hadn't seen Sam since the day they had that huge fight. I think Sam had said "yes" because Dean wasn't there for him and Lucifer finally wore him down. Sometimes Sam is worn down and manipulated by evil. Ruby is a really good example. Over time she gained his trust, then had him testing his powers, then had him practicing and using his powers to get better...stronger, then had him drinking demon blood, then came between Sam and Dean, then finally got him to kill Lilith which she knew all along was the last seal. Like I said, Sam's afraid of the decisions he'd make in Deans absence. Dean is Sam's rock. He grounds him. If Dean said "yes" to be there, then Sam is wide open for Lucifer to tempt him. As I've said before, without Dean I think Sam would eventually be worn down until there was no more fight left in him and he would say yes. I also realize that if Dean said "yes" to Michael, then wouldn't Michael go off trying to kill Lucifer? I'm not sure. The angels seem pretty big on the whole destiny thing with Dean AND Sam. Since Sam is Lucifer's true vessel, Michael might wait to fight him until he's Sam.

    Those are some of my thoughts. I hope they're not confusing.

    I've been wondering what happened to Adam myself. I think Michael did come down. All that white light was him arriving. Remember that episode where Sam and Dean went back in time to save their parents from Anna. Michael appeared before John, but we didn't see him. All we saw was John illuminated in white light. Maybe that's how they can appear to humans. Like how demons appear as black smoke. Anyway, I think Michael was in that room. He probably slammed the door shut in hopes that he would trap Dean inside. When he got to the room, he realized Zachariah was dead, Dean or Sam killed him, neither were there, and took Adam back to Heaven. The angels did bring him back to life so I suppose they could take that life away and plop him back wherever they found him in Heaven. He's useless to them now. However, the angels most likely tortured him. They probably wanted to know as much information about the Winchesters as they could get. The best source of information wouldn't be from Adam, but from Castiel. I can't imagine what kind of torture they'd use.

    Like I said, I think Michael was there. I also think he'd be pretty pissed off that he came down only to find out Dean still would not say yes. However, I think Michael would have been happy to have found Dean. He probably would have taken the Winchesters up to Heaven and tortured him into submission. He could have used Sam the way Zachariah did. He could also use anyone that Dean had known that had died like parents or Jo or Ellen. Michael could have dropped Dean (or someone he knows) back into hell and when he was ready to say yes then he could come out. I don't really think Michael would just let them go. Maybe Michael would only take Dean and hope the separation would make Sam say yes to Lucifer. Then hope this would make Dean say yes. I'm sure there's other ways that could have played out. What are your theories?

    I'm sorry my answer is sooo long and that I did a lot of "remember that episode" in my explanation. I hope it was helpful though. :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sam doesnt want him to because they are brothers!!!. hes already lost dean twice,, he dont want it happening again

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