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Serial Killers and Zodiac?

I came across this article and decided to post this - i would be interested in knowing your opinion

It has been established that zodiac signs directly co-relates to the type of crime they are likely to commit, additionally the sign can in a way determine the crime likely to be committed.

The zodiac signs are divided into different categories that is: Fire signs, these includes Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Of the three the Sagittarius have a higher population of criminals, they are further harder to capture. The Aries are usually armed for some reason that they well know, the Leos are usually very dangerous.

Another category of the zodiac signs is the air signs, they include: Libras, Gemini and Aquarius. The Libras have the bigger criminal percentage as compared to the rest of the air signs. The Libras are usually armed and could be very dangerous. The Gemini are involved in fraud crimes. The Aquarius usually commit crimes based on revenge.

Earth signs include Capricorns, Virgo and Taurus; in this category the criminals are usually caught. Of the earth signs the Taurus are very dangerous and usually are temperamental. The Virgos are also usually armed. The Capricorns are usually all round criminals.

Water signs have Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces. The Cancers have a majority of criminals among all the zodiac signs, they are usually very violent. Scorpios and Pisces have high tempers also.

According to the FBI website, the Cancers are the most booked criminals, this shows that they are among the most dangerous in the zodiac sign. In the descending order from the Cancer, the next in the amount of crimes committed is Taurus, the first two zodiac signs do not have much but they are very temperamental. The Sagittarius are the third on the list. Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Gemini follow suit in descending order.

The Cancers are usually known for being mostly passion killers. They kill multiple times and they leave some kind of markings on their victims' bodies to distinguish themselves. These kinds of killers are usually thought to be mentally unstable.

The Taurus usually involve themselves in money laundering, they are clever and they do most of their crime in solitude as long as they do not get hurt in the process.

Sagittarius are con artists, robbers and thieves, they do not in most cases hurt their victims, that is unless they get what they need.

Aries are usually hired to do their crimes. Capricorns are mostly involved in organized crime; they are rated as being more sadistic than Scorpio. Virgos are burglars and hackers. Libras are usually corrupt people. Pisces are mostly in drugs related crime.

Geminis do not take things seriously; they are con artists and thieves. Leos usually are in crime for the sole reason of getting recognition; they do not get in petty crime. Scorpios are contract killers. Aquarius' are hackers and hustlers, also con artists, involved mainly in manipulation. All the crimes committed have been substantiated in that each Zodiac sign tends to have the same occurrences.

Opinions ??

Also I would be interested to know what is the most common sign for seriel killings<

Carl Williams was a LIBRA belive it or not

Ivan Milat a CAPRICORN which i can believe


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    It's interesting, but I've read a study which came to different conclusions per sign. I sometimes can't believe that both the Clown Killer and the Night Stalker were Pisces.

    Another problem with interpreting serial killers with astrology is the fact that most serial killers are never caught. Some of the "luckiest" or "craftiest" of all will not be added to the research. Good example is the Zodiac Killer.

    I work in research related to forensics analysis, so I know this fact of many serial killers never found is not widely bragged about by law enforcement or governments.

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    Hi, I think virgo, libra and scorpio make the best serial killers. Dare I say Libra first? I know there's gonna be lots of protests - but the sociopathic libra has no sense of justice, is extremely agile and clever and covers up all their tracks nicely. I would say scorpio first, but then scorpio's intensity would make them a prime suspect first up. The virgo killer is good with details, but I don't think they're liable to kill serially unless there's a good reason. Oh, but the virgo killer is good at planning and knows how to make a "clean" exit, as well as kill the victim the quickest - without much blood and gore. The worst would unfortunately be the fire signs.... Leo would basically not be able to keep undercover for long; Aries would probably miss out some details and get caught, while Sag would leave all their tools at the crime scene. So yes, libra and scorpio.

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    Very interesting! All I can say is, my ex is a Cancer, and he was a serial child molester, having finally been caught and taken seriously by the cops and the feds after a 20 year child harming spree. He was bright, good with words, persuasive, and sly. He could do nothing wrong, even when he would go and tell the cops he was guilty. How he got away with it for so long I will never know, but I do know that Cancer and Taurus seem to produce some of the most violent offenders who are able to get away with their crimes for a long time before being brought to justice.

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    Albert Fish-Taurus Cannibal/masochist

    Edward Gein-Virgo Cannibal/necrophiliac

    John Wayne Gacy-Pisces Child Molester

    Jeffery Dahmer-Taurus/Gemini Cusp Cannibal/necrophiliac

    Andrei Chikatilo-Libra cannibal

    These are the serial killers I know the most about. I don't think sign matters when it comes to this kind of stuff. Every sign is capable of horrendous crimes. So to wrap people up in a catagory by sign is absurd

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    I totally agree with the part about cancer, and taurus.

    Im a cancer and i lose my head when im angry, and sometimes i dont trust myself.

    And my taurus friend is definitely clever like that.

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    My studies indicate that sunsign has little to do with serial killing. It's the natal aspects that give us our character, in my opinion. As for which ones lead to serial killing, my studies indicate it is usually a square or opposition to moon. It's basically an inability to see or feel another person's feelings. It's a lack of empathy.

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    interesting im a cancer and i definitely have a leathal temper.

    i actually don't trust what i will do when pushed.

    but then again i grew up wth a violent father so that might have helped.

    i could relate to feelings of a killer. im just being honest.

  • I am a Leo. I have a violent temper, when provoked in a horrible way, such as my boyfriend cheating, or betrayal, which I always experience with my father.

    I am so in love, that I even think horrible things.. Not that'd I even act upon them though.

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    I don't care what sign someone is if they're a serial killer. Serial killers should get killed and get they're nuts cut off because they don't deserve life. I would behead a serial killer, rapist, and all those sick people with a Katina then use their head as a basketball. That's what serial killers deserve.

    Source(s): Gemini!
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    My Moon makes three squares. I doubt I'll kill anyone.

    I'm not the most empathetic but I've bought food to homeless (etc)... not stabbed them to death.

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