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Poll: What are the top 3 'must see' sights in your country?

State those and what country you're from.



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    ~Taj Mahal at Agra: It is one the 7 wonders of the world,popularly known as "The Memorial of Love".A must see piece in white marble which is just enough to take your breath away because of it's beauty.

    ~Goa: If you want to get respite from this scorching heat then there's no other destination than the beautiful beaches of Goa ;) You will sure spend some nice time with waves and refreshing air around.It's the major tourist attraction during summers.I went there last year and it was truly a great experience.

    ~Kashmir: Ah! The paradise on earth.It's breathtakingly beautiful.Some people say that God has made it with his own hands.A perfect place to spend your vacations.

    Although,I can mention millions of other city and places to visit like Delhi in north,Kolkata in east,The Charismatic Chennai and Gods own country called Kerala in south and The Bollywood city popularly known as "Aamchi Mumbai" in the west.There's a lot to say and see in my country like The very famous Akshardham Temple of my city and other Temples.Then the hills stations like Kullu Manali,Ooty,Mahabaleshwar too offer picturesque locations and The Himalayan region is worth watching.Other monuments like Humayun Tomb,Jama Masjid,Lotus Temple in Delhi,Gateway of India in Mumbai,Charminar in Hyderabad etc.So there are so many colors to explore and it's difficult to say one.The markets in these cities are really time consuming which will keep you busy all day.So as of now I have mentioned three best places [according to me].

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    The Grand Canyon

    Universal Studios, Orlando (FL)

    Six Flags

    United States

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    To be honest there are no 'must see' sights here, so I'll do some from India (my parents' homeland)


    1) Taj Mahal - Beautiful, been there before.

    2) Harminder Sahib (golden temple) - Absolutely stunning at night time!

    3) Taxila (might be in pakistan but used to be in india before partition)

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    Agra - Taj Mahal

    Delhi - Red Fort

    Orissa- Konark Temples

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    1. Taj Mahal in Agra. It is one of the seven wonders of the world.

    2. Konark Temple in Bhubaneshwar & Balaji Temple in Tirupati

    3. Beautiful sea beaches in Goa, Mumbai and Chennai

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    im from northern ireland

    the best sights are the europa hotel, the most bombed building in the world, the odyssey arena, and the h&w cranes, which built the titanic.


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    Im in England... so you can sort of guess the obvious... London Eye, other London things that are expensive

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Virginia USA washington dc , williamsburg, and um i guess virginia beach but i am all 8 hrs from northern virginia. :-p

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    they're all attached to Rihana's body

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