where will 2 million south americans settle?

.If recent Spanish repatriation rule changes giving all persons of Spanish descent the right of Spanish citizenship (which gives E.U.freedom of movement) What restrictions will our great leaders put in place to stop the estimated 2 million applicants from Mexico to Peru flooding the U.K.when they arrive in Spain and find no jobs and no money.Build some more Dole offices Gordon


there are massive queues every day of the week in Chelsea.Once a week its at Stamford Bridge,the rest are outside the Spanish embassy.

Update 2:

The purpose of my question is to hopefully get some light shed on the recent changes that have allowed many more than direct descendants to apply for Spanish nationality ,because most people with European rights tend to make a beeline to the U.K. as soon as they hear about our welfare handouts.

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    All persons of Spanish descent in South America, have this facility already. Many have returned to Spain this past 20 years. But are we not talking of direct descent? There are many more who may have had a Spanish person in their heirarchy a 100 or 200 years ago, but this would not be direct descent. So please disclose the purpose of your

    question. REPEAT-- please disclose the purpose of your question.

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