Is an open Open trochanteric bursectomy with ITB lengthening done outpatient?

I had arthroscopic surgery a year and a half ago but it wasn't successful, My Dr wants to redo the procedure more aggressively using an open method with Z lengthening on my ITB. The first was out patient. Does anyone know if the open is done outpatient also, or inpatient?


My doctor gave me the option of open vs the arthroscopy, telling me that he has much more success with the open. I opted for the arthroscopic procedure thinking the recovery would be easier. I've had trochanteric bursitis for 5 years after losing 120 pounds, 8 years ago. I became more active and my body didn't like it. Physical Therapy helped some but not as much as we hoped for, and corisone injections are not lasting any time now.

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    Based upon this being "open" and it's a re-do and you are having both the Trochanter bursectomy & the ITB lengthening done, I'm going to say you might be admitted after surgery for at least a 1-2 days.

    You are going to probably have more pain because there will be an incision, plus once the surgeon is in there, he's also cutting through the skin and muscle to get to the hip and then the tendon lengthening which attaches down at your knee. ICE & pain pills will be your BEST friend for the next few days.

    I don't know what your age is, your other medical history or who your support system is to help you when you get home. You may have some walking difficulties and may want to put very little pressure, at first, on that leg. You'll want someone to maybe assist you into the bathroom when you need to go in there.

    PS. Get any rugs and other stuff out of your walking area(s) that could cause you to fall when you get home. :) Hope this helps.

    I had arthorscopic surgery done to my shoulder last December. It was 'decompression' of my shoulder to remove a bone spur. I a lot of pain during the 12-36 hours post op stage. I didn't sleep for 24-36 hours because of the pain, plus it was the day before Christmas Eve. [But then again, I'm a wuss and I'm 41.] I also have been on coumadin and had to stop it 5 days before my surgery and then restart it again.

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    Might be done in an outpatient surgery center (surgi-center) that has staffing by an anesthesiologist in addition to the orthopedic surgeon + nurses. However the post-op pain might be tough to handle by yourself at home.

    Done as an inpatient you would have closer monitoring, especially post-op, and immediate access to emergency care if an adverse event were to happen (hope not). You might also have PCA (patient-controlled anesthesia; pressing a button give you a dose of intravenous pain medication) depending on your doctor and hospital.

    Consider a second opinion especially if its the same surgeon who did your first surgery.

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    What do you mean it wasn't successful? Why not? I hope you have picked a different dr. for what you are having done this time. One mess up on me is all any one dr. would ever get.

    What did you do that caused you to have to have this surgery in the first place?

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    Trochanteric Bursectomy

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    my Doctor won't give me any pain pills.

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