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Could I get into Umass Amherst?

My GPA is about a 2.9-3.0 unweighted, 3.3-3.4 weighted (I know it's very low) i have an upward trend

I intend to be an english major (unweighted GPA in English classes is 3.7)

4+ years of all classes except foreign language of which i only took Spanish 2 and 3

SAT: 2020 Composite, 710 Reading, 680 Math, 630 Writing

Taking ACT soon, I have been getting 29's and 30's on official practice tests

SAT II's 720 in literature, 650 in U.S. history, (will take math level 2)

Many honors classes 4-5 per year. 4 AP's (English, U.S. History, Environmental Science, and Calculus)

EC: 4 years of soccer 2 varsity, 3 years baseball 1 varsity, 2 years basketball 1 varsity. A lot of community service including a managerial position at a local organization. year and a half of employment. 6 years dedicated percussion. 20+ hours a week in extra-curriculars.

I am doing a summer program at Boston University

I already know i have very good recs from applying to summer programs. And i have already written a very good essay, i don't know if I'll end up using it but I know i have a good one if i need it.

My school doesn't send class rank and i don't even know what mine is.

I've visited campus if that means anything

I live in Mass

I'm applying early action

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    Hey man I'm applying to the SAME school (Applying early) and actually was just there on wednesday taking a tour and stuff. My sister is a senior there...has hated it...but shes like i dont listen to her. I have a 3.0 also, and am going into the Architecture Program. UMass is soo awesome...and Iwant to get in soo badly. You can check out my question too. I was talking to a kid in the architecture program, and said i could def. get in with a 3.0 and all my extra curriculars that i have (I have a tonn). Seeming that teh architecture program is a lot tougher to get into than the english dept. you should get in. Also take in consideration of these that UMass does (Alogn with every other Public college/ univeristy in Mass)

    -They take the best scores from either your SAT or ACT. So if you bomb your SATs but do really well on your ACTS, they'll take your ACTs not your SATs

    -They re-calculate you're GPA and it's usually higher. They won't count **** classes or gym also

    -If you go to another institution or something, they'll put those grades itno your GPA (I go to Prozdor Hebrew High School in newton along with regular school 6 hrs per week...I have all A's in my classes there so instead of a 3.0 i really have about a 3.2-3.3

    Good luck...also email me'd like to talk more. I live in holliston, mass too.

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