I think the AZ immigration law is wrong but don't the illegal immigrants deserve some blame too?

The law wouldn't have even been suggested if it weren't such a huge problem.

Does that make the law ok? No, but don't both sides deserve blame?

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    1 decade ago
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    if companies in the US weren't so quick to hire these immigrants we wouldn't have this problem. i find it hard to put blame on the immigrants who, after all, are only seeking to work hard and improve their lot in life. it's not like they expect to sit on their butts leeching off of the federal government. they work hard, and could greatly increase the tax base if they were given a path to citizenship. imagine 12 million new taxpayers!

    as things stand, they're only straining things because there's been a failure to tap into their tax potential. they get paid substandard wages, which prevents them from spending to boost our economy. they don't pay income tax, so that's a loss. arizona's law is going to be a major drain on that state's law enforcement and divert money from worthwhile projects.

    everyone loses in arizona, and the immigrants aren't the ones to be blaming here.

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    Personally I believe that the law is a bit extreme but I do think because of how many illegals that are living and working in the US that something had to happen and they have tried so many different approaches maybe now that the law is in effect there will be some decrease of illegals coming into America over the next few years.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am happy that AZ passed this law, if, for no other reason, than to embarrass the lame, hopeless, incompetent buffoons in Washington. Perhaps now, if they are humiliated by AZ law, they will DO SOMETHING.

    As to the illegals, no, they are not to blame. An unenforced law is no law at all. Shame on R's and D's for complete, total failure to protect America. They are incompetent beyond belief.

  • 1 decade ago

    the whole point of the law was BECAUSE of this situation, that doesnt make the law wrong. it just makes it stricter. which im totally happy about.

    does what illegal immigrants do to get into this country and use our tax money to help them ok? no

    is the law that helps prevent that ok? YES!

    no one is the blame but the illegals.....they are the cause, we are the effect.

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  • 4 years ago

    we choose implement the regulations that are already in play that do not legalize racism and racial profiling. we prefer to p.c. up the border thoroughly. no human being is provided in criminal or unlawful for a million year. we prefer to positioned protection stress workers on the border and out of Europe. Make border patrol, immigration officials. Assign them a caseload of immigrants to video show, inspect and guard an in intensity watch to make sure no violations take position and no regulations damaged. we prefer to commence counting heads of everybody it rather is the following with out documentation. provide them twelve months to get a conditional citizenship, 5 years to change right into a citizen. interior those 5 years, they might want to end their highschool preparation, study a thanks to ascertain, write and communicate English and No public welfare classes.they might want to get a driver's license or different state identity and coach they're usually an American citizen. each person who hires them might want to provide one hundred% clinical coverage and pay a minimum of minimum salary. The immigrant might want to coach info of motorized vehicle coverage and health coverage at time of their unconditional citizenship. Immigration device ought to be overhauled. make it a lot less complicated to get commute and artwork visas. low fee and no pink tape. you've info of a interest, your driver's license and passport and no criminal record and also you could artwork or commute to the US. artwork for 6 months, commute for 2 months at a time. they're usually renewed interior the states providing you bypass a heritage verify and finger print. if we make $1500 on each and each and every immigrant it rather is over a thousand million money to help the device, pay the staff and make the playing cards. Create extra jobs for qualified persons and raise the bar for migrant workers. Carnage and others. I do believe this change into directed in route of those who do not help the regulation. it really is humorous how everybody thinks that they are maximum persons. in case you've not examine, that survey that change into taken change into flawed as their subject base change into biased and chosen so as now to not get maximum persons.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry; nobody likes mooches. There is nothing wrong with a country trying to protect it's integrity and resources.

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