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Is my baby pregnant? Please respond?

So I was having sex with my wife, except she is pregnant with a girl at about 8 months... so basically we started thinking that 8 months is probably old enough and are worried that i might have got my baby pregnant... HELP PLEASE

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    It's best you go and get an In-Utero Home Pregnancy test. Have your wife drink a lot of water, and when she feels the baby pee, then she needs to pee on the stick. If it's positive, your wife might have to be induced, because then the baby will need an ultrasound to ensure that the Baby-Baby is going to be ok. Then you better get yourself a good lawyer, because you impreganted your baby.

    Wait...are you sure your wife is having a baby girl??? Maybe it's a boy, in which case, you have nothing to worry about.

    Phew. Dodged a bullet there didn't you...

    That's the thickest sarcasm I've ever laid down.

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    um if you are talking about you think you got your baby as in your wife pregnant then its not likely that you did because a woman can only have one pregnancy at a time... in other words, she cant get pregnant again while she is still pregnant... if you are talking about getting you baby as in your unborn child pregnant, dont worry because her reproductive system is not fully developed and she is incapeable of bearing children until she has had her first menstrual cycle. sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe in a healthy pregnancy. the sperm doesnt even come in contact with the baby. i would suggest reading "the pregnancy bible" it has a lot of good information in it.

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    relatively there's no longer something to worry approximately, you purely prefer some expert reinsurance to place you recommendations relaxed. So pay no interest to the previous chicken`s right here with there misguided comments

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    Your baby is definitely pregnant! This happened to me twice.

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    oh my god. take it to the doctor. it could be pregnant. and if it goes into labor before its born, your wife might die. because an unborn infant's gestational period is only an hour. GOOD LUCK.

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    Yep. I've heard this happen so many times before.

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    Really? Is this serious? If it is, you need to pick up a sex eduction book.

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    my mind draws a blank at how unreal this sounds lol its sick

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