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For all you House MD fans?

So, I absolutely love House MD.

But, what would you say if like.. there was a possibility that House and Wilson ended up together? Like, I know there best friends, but the makers and FOX was thinking that.. or so I've heard.

Input? And no homosexual bashing allowed, seriously. Just yes, or no.

I say 101% yes, Hilson is amazing. <3

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    I've always felt there was sexual tension between the two of them. Team Hilson!

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    LMAO, well, you know they kinda explored that a bit when House made the neighbor think they were gay a few epis back! Wilson wanted to ask her out, but House interfered because he had the hots for her. Then Wilson "proposed" to him in the restaurant, and House retaliated by posting a doctored porn film online that had Wilson playing a satyr.

    ROFL@ Hilson!

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    Really!?!? Wow I haven't heard anything about that.

    Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about that. Hilson is hilarious, but it only works because House is a complete jackass half the time, lol. If they put him in a relationship (even one with just Cuddy), they'd have to make him a somewhat sensitive guy, and frankly I think it's just funnier when he's mean.

    Would be an interesting plot twist though, ha.

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    as a huge fan of the show I would not want them together as a gay couple

    but I would love a spin off with House & Wilson like the odd couple sitcom woudl be great..

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    They do have more chemistry than the heterosexual couples on the show. I'd go for it. It'd be better than being forced to sit through more of House and Cuddy's chemistry-free banter.

  • 3 years ago

    i think of domicile and Cuddy. He has such an pastime in her and that they already suggested themselves having a toddler mutually. i think of Cameron will finally end up with Chase. "they're dating in genuine existence". And someway domicile and Cuddy will locate themselves mutually. of their very own weird and wonderful way.

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    ewww. house and wilson no no no no no!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    that would be funny they deserve each other

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