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Brown Recluse spider bites. Do all of them end up bad for all people?

I have seen pictures of Brown Recluse spider bites, do all people that get bitten end up this way? What can you do if you get one, without going to doctor?

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    Brown Recluse spiders are not aggressive and are "reclusive" and normally only bite when crushed or mishandled. Most bites may require no more than the general spider bite treatment. There may be some localized swelling and redness, but healing can occur without much intervention. However some bites may become necrotic. The venom of a brown recluse is primarily comprised of proteins and enzymes that actually cause some platelet disruption and tissue damage. Rarely do these bites cause death. Systemic effects, which are generalized effects, will usually occur within the first 3 days of the bite.


    Some pain or burning in the first 10 minutes, accompanied by itching

    Wound takes on a bull's-eye appearance, with a center blister surrounded by an angry-looking red ring and then a blanched (white) ring

    Blister breaks open, leaving an ulcer that scabs over. Ulcer can enlarge and involve underlying skin and muscle tissue. Pain may be severe. A generalized red, itchy rash usually appears in the first 24-48 hours

    Other symptoms include fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and hemolytic anemia (a condition where the red blood cells are destroyed)


    Wash the wound and apply an antibiotic ointment

    Seek medical attention if there are signs of an infection, an ulcer that does not heal, a bite accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever or a rash. There is no special treatment or medication used to treat a brown recluse spider bite

    If infection develops, antibiotics are used. If a wound becomes deep and infected, occasionally surgery is needed

    Antivenin is available for brown recluse bites. Most effective if given early, use of antivenin is generally not indicated unless serious symptoms are present, and/or the patient fails to respond to other forms of treatment

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    Early Brown Recluse Bite

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    Personal experience. I have been bitten by one. It was last year, and i caught it early on thank the lord. I noticed an irregular looking rash on the side of my face, so i went to the nurse at school (which wasnt my real nurse it was a substitute). She told me that she thought it was posion ivy. So she put some calmonline on it and i went back to class. The next day i go see my regular school nurse and she thought it was ringworm so i had to be put out of school so my mom scheduled me an emergency doctors appointment and he thought it was a spider bite but was not sure. So then the next day it swells up the whole side of my face so we rush back to the doctor again and the doctor on call thought it was like some sort of weird disease..i forget what..puts me on an antibiotic. Then we go back the next day to see my regular doctor and he said with what i described it was a brown recluse...and we caught it just in time before it turned bad. If you have been bitten by one get to the doctor ASAP before serious stuff happens. Hope my personal experience has helped you out in some way

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    The Brown Recluse is similar to the hobo spider. They are from the same family and look alike. The hobo spider attacks everything in it's web, because they can't see that well. Here are some websites.

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    Each person reacts differently but In general this Is one of the bad ones.

    Source(s): Twenty years as a Doctor of Trditional Naturopathy
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    Yes I agree with the above

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    oh, God those are deadly. They NEVER end up good.

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