Do the British slowly adapt to the American English?

I mean I see a lot of people on here that say they are from there, but use the American spelling very often. So do you finally accept that our English is superior to yours? It's also funny that you pretty much copy our culture by copying our style of music, clothes, mimic our behavior, and even try to build up a fake ghetto culture lol. I've seen it in many major European cities. Some guys trying to rap (it didn't sound good), wearing baggy clothes, gold chains and whatever else. Oh yea, funny thing is that then you criticize us on here, but then go out and buy yourself a Big Mac. You Euros really make a whole lot of sense.


@Envy: I bet you watch our movies, eat out food (McDonald's), even wear our style of clothes at times (jeans etc.) and if you ever go to university, even read our books. I can say that I don't watch any Euro movies or depend on any Euro thing at all. Can you say that about yourself?

Update 2:

@Stylish: "There's no such thing as a European". Really? I guess I didn't pay any attention in school then. Also don't know why McDonald's is all over Europe if you guys don't eat there. Wonder why there's even a Euro Disney in Paris. Let's face it, you guys are fascinated by our culture and don't even like your own.

Update 3:

@Envy: Oh yea, you are the same one who said in her previous answer that she was against mixed people, yet you look mixed yourself. Just based on your pic.

Update 4:

@Envy: Why the light skin tone then? Why even move anywhere if you don't want to mix in? Why even cherrish the English language if it's not even your own anyways based on your heritage? This is exactly the European ignorance that I am talking about everyone. Everyone here just learn.

Update 5:

@Fodaddy: Very good point about McLovin. I guess she's making a complete idiot out of herself on here. Even her name already reveals it.

Update 6:

Yes, McLovin' lol. There's nobody keeping you from going back. Plus, how come you would have a brown skin tone if you are from sub saharan Africa?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Whether they want to acknowledge it or not, American culture is ubiquitous in Britain. These days they do listen to American music, more so than Americans listen to British music. They do see our movies, and they do often wear the same style of clothes. The chav style of dress had been popular among American "wiggers" and wannabe thugs for years before it caught on in Britain. I'm not saying it's something to be particularly proud of, but it is what it is.

    I'll spare you the irony of someone with "Mclovin" in their screen name talking about how Britian isn't influcend by American culture, because that would be Superbad *ahem*

  • 4 years ago

    I completely agree with you. I live in London but recently the company that I work for was bought by an American company and therefore my office has been infiltrated by Americans. I'm not sure that I agree that they're informal, but they certainly are too loud, and very fake. Don't even get me started about imposing views on others - we were a happily multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious environment and at the same time didn't go out of our way to discuss issues related to this. Now the Americans have decided that we're somehow a Christian organisation. I am Christian and even I object to this - religion and the workplace should be separate. You are right that they can't dress. White trainers, hello?!?! Also, so many of them are overweight and don't understand that overweight people need to dress to accommodate their shape, and can't just wear short skirts or whatever. I really don't like looking at their pasty white legs. They certainly are ignorant about other cultures and think that they are always right. I work in recruitment and have had German candidates rejected by American managers for being too formal, or for formatting their CV wrong, or something like that. They can't accept that that is the culture in Germany - it's NOT wrong, it's just DIFFERENT. I can't think of anything else to add; I think you've covered the list. EDIT: Oh, and, you've only got to look at YA for proof that they think they are always right, and have no respect for other people's cultures. The number of times an American will correct the phrase that a British person uses and say "actually, you mean this ..." when in fact the British person has used what would be the correct term in Britain; it just might not be what they would say. Examples ... - A British girl asked how she could get a "pay rise", and an American said "I think you mean a raise" - A British person posted about "repossessed homes", and an American posted "I think you mean foreclosed homes" - A British person posted about a "deposit" for buying a house, and an American replied "I think you mean a down-payment" No, in each case the British person had posted exactly what they meant, and used the correct term as would be used in the UK. Americans, if you don't know the British phrase for something, then it's better not to comment at all than to "correct" people. Whose language is it anyway?!

  • Bobsy
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    10 years ago

    I can assure you that I don't have an identity crisis, (also I ain't 'Euro' I'm a Brit), mimicking another fledgling culture is not my style especially when mine is so abundantly rich & saturated in History. You have a point though 'Lupe', when cultures do rub-up against one another there is the inevitable shearing and exchange at every level, even lingual, but it has been my observation that these corruptions of our purest English language tend to creep through amongst the poorer levels within society i.e. the deprived, or as you would say 'the ghetto' types. - And even the Immigrants ! ; So I would not be totally convinced that these, so called, 'Americanisms' are here to radically alter British Life.

    Yes it's true, we get a lot of your Telly & Film (mostly fictitious) which impresses our youth, but like most childhood things they wear off. Next you'll be telling me American Football & Baseball (World Series - lol) are gonna dominate/become prominent in our society ?!

    p.s. Please don't think we don't appreciate some of the rubbish that filters this way. Cuz

  • No one wants to be a fat american. i think the only one buying a big mac today will be you, big yin.

    As for "American English", note the word English there. The language we invented. the language you're speaking right now. The language that is native to Great Britain - no where else.

    You do realise there's no such thing as a "Euro" don't you? Unless you're referring to the money many countries in Europe use. There's no such thing as a European, there are only people who live in Europe. I'm Scottish, thanks.

    EDIT: when you sit down on your fat **** tonight, what will you do? watch the television? Well then thank your lucky stars that John Logie Baird, a Scottish man, invented it.

    What will you do if you fancy going out tonight? Phone your friends? Well, you should thank Alexander Graham Bell, another Scottish man, for giving you that luxury.

    What will you drink when you go out tonight? Vodka? Thank the Russians for that. Maybe a beer?Infact, how about a Budweiser, that's america's favourite beer right? You can thank the czech republic for that as well.

    See when you go home tonight, you can thank all us "Euro's" for colonising your country and making it what it is today.

    DYLAN: Please do not procreate.

    Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh.


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  • 10 years ago

    I just want to point out that everyone in america speaks a EUROPEAN language. Your culture came out of europe, your science was mostly developed in europe by europeans. The Declaration of Independence is based upon the Declaration of Arbroath (Arbroath being a town in Scotland, Europe) FFS.

    Jeans are originally from france (Nimes specifically, the material being 'of Nimes', i.e. 'De nimes'.

    Universities are a European invention that was taken to America with all the European settlers.

    You say you don't watch any Euro movies or depend on any Euro thing at all, that is completely untrue, even if you lack the intelligence to see it.

  • Nicole
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    10 years ago

    I have never adapted to American English.How is it superior just because take a letter from a few words of ours?

    Mimic your behaviour? Would that be school shootings? Obesity?What specific behaviour are you talking about?

    To be quite honest, we make a lot more sense than you do seeing how you are most likely to be of european descent.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    First of all, our 'rap' is a hell of a lot different to yours. We have COMPLETELY different cultures and you are a fool not to realise this.

    ...Also, note how I spelled 'Realise'. Did you see a 'z'? I didn't think so. Your spelling is not superior to proper English spelling. In fact, the term 'superior' in reference to Americans is ridiculous in itself. Who could ever mistake you for being superior to ANYONE?

    Source(s): I DO study English Literature, and the best thing about my course is that it really is ENGLISH literature. Only Shakespeare, Byron, Browning, Shelley, Donne, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Behn, Bronte and Austen. None of your Fitzgerald bolloxs. Mixed? Don't insult me, boy. My parents are full African born and bred. I'm full BLACK and proud! *Firstly, Moving here wasn't my choice. Second of all, I have a medium brown skintone and that's just a bad picture. Thirdly, I don't 'cherish' anything. But my dislike for Americans outweighs my dislike for white people in general. Besides, I live in the UK so I do feel some kind of loyalty towards it. Also, you dont move in the country to 'mix in'. I have assimilated just fine, but just because I don't want to mix WITH them does not mean I keep myself hidden from society.
    • just because we spell realize differently doesnt mean we re (americans) are dumb.
      just like how ya ll spell favorite differently from us. its just different spellings from different places

  • 3 years ago

    No, they don't really.

    If some do, then they've wished that they were American but were blessed with being British. Your English isn't "superior" - it's literally the same language with slight pronunciation and word changes.

    For example, when you say "American football", we say "rugby" or when you say "Soccer", we say "Football".

    There's nothing superior about changing words to make even less sense than they did before.

    We can't exactly help the braindead arses that copied you - they're too far gone to be saved now. If people didn't use ideas from other places, then we'd be in a very badly unevolved state (clearly some still are) and nothing would have developed.

    I'm genuinely ashamed to be human like you are. Do us a favour and just stop youself.

  • 10 years ago

    What an idiot that one chick is. The telephone was invented by an American. Why do you think we have the country code 1?

    And Budweiser is an American company. It has nothing to do with that company in the Czech Republic. They just happen to have the same name.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Different cultures often copy each other. That is okay, it is only an exchange. But we dont have to fight about it. I understand your anger. Many people from the UK section say unkind things about us. Just ignore them. They are ignorant

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