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What was the most important piece of legislation passed during the last Bush administration?

You can name several if you wish

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    The bail out bill actually, without it banks would have failed and we'd have 25% unemployment. (If we were lucky)

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    Transparency in business after the corruption during the Clinton administration where businesses where cooking their books so that the CEOs could make more money through stock options. Enron was the business to hate then.

    No Child Left Behind. The big shocker that came from this was that even the teachers and many principals could pass the high school exit exam. Principals have to have doctorate degrees in my state. If the teacher's didn't know the material, then how where the students suppose to know?

    Homeland Security. Several departments became one department. It was suppose to stop fighting between department intellegence agencies. So far it hasn't broke.

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    I am partial to the Patriot Act. It passed with bi-partisan support, twice, and was just quietly extended by Obama. Probably the only thing he has done that I agree with.

    People keep claiming that it takes our rights away. Yet nobody has been able to name a single right that I have lost. Seems the only people harmed by the darn thing are those who intend us harm. Wasn't that the purpose?

    Whether you like the thing or not, there is no dispute that there were no further terrorist attacks during the Bush administration. That to me demonstrates a successful bill.

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    The oversite applied to the Patriot Act almost immediatly after Democrats won majority.

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    abolition of constitutional rights .

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