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FBI HRT Mission overseas?

What is the primary mission of FBI HRT overseas? Anyone here ever done any direct work with them while serving?

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    The FBI HRT does not have overseas missions. There are far too many other similar units, both military and civilian who carry out mission of that type on a regular basis. SEALS, Delta Force, CIA and Department of State all have members who are trained as well or better than the HRT for the same type of mission, and they are able to operate overseas without violating legal and diplomatic mandates. As the one guy said, HRT members might be involved in training Iraqi or Afghan security forces, but I doubt it, since both government agencies and civilian contractors all have people who are trained in identical mission tactics and strategies. While HRT is very, very good at what they do, they aren't he only people who can perform that mission. As I noted, US military and civilian agencies are capable of the same things, as are Mosad, SAS etc.

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    They don't have a mission overseas. They are a domestic law enforcement agency. Even if and when FBI agents investigate matters overseas, diplomatic conditions would prohibit the HRT from performing their magic. There are several other groups who do that type of work quite admirably when outside of the US. They need not be named.

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    HRT is not authorized to conduct missions overseas.

    But they will send observers and advisers to other countries military and police HRT teams.

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    Actually they have done work overseas of course most of these operations you will never hear about as they are classified and low key. I suspect they are probably overseas helping train Iraqi and Afghani Security services, hell I know US Marshall's who are over there doing that so I'm sure they are doing so as well.

    Though I doubt they would be engaged in any kind of fighting over there after all thats not their mission and we have other units in the military for those types of roles.

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