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If adderall doesn't work...?


If adderall doesn't "work". Meaning, I don't feel more focused, etc.

Does that mean I do not have ADD or ADHD?

(I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago as an adult)

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    you may not feel it working but others may see a difference in your behavior... My brother has ADD and he doesn't take adderall, he has been taking omega 3 and it works really well for him, on the days he doesn't take it, you can really tell. You might try taking that with your adderall. And see if that works for you, If it does, try substituting the adderall with omega 3 for a couple of days and if it still works, you dont really need the adderall. If it doesnt and people can see that your behavior isnt improving go back on the adderall. But make sure someone in your family knows you are going to try this so they can monitor your behavior to see if it is working.

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    Ask your doctor, not a bunch of strangers on a web site who may know absolutely nothing.

    Maybe there are medications that will work better for you. Every medication doesn't work well for everybody. People are different.

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    Speaking as a doctor, it can take up to 2 months of taking psych meds before you notice the full effect. Meds affect everyone differently so it may mean you have yet to find the right medication that works for you.

    There are many ways to manage Adult ADD/ADHD:

    How To Manage ADD/ADHD:

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    You may not feel anything but others may notice a change in your behavior.

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