Did A Moment Like This win a Grammy? Is there a site that i can check songs to see if they won a grammy myself?

for a concert at school our theme is the grammys. three songs i'm thinking of singing are A Moment LIke This by Kelly Clarkson (someone else might have originally sang it...), Jesus Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood, and Broken by Lindsey Haun. To sing a song they need to have won a grammy. Theres other songs i want to check too so i want a site where i can just type in a song too see if they won or maybe nominated (i don't know if he'll allow nominated yet) he said i could go on grammy.com and type in a song or artist and it'd tell me...but it isn't doing that....


*oops! i didn't mean to put in movies category!*

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    Jesus Take the wheel by Carrie Underwood won Best Country Song and Best Female Country Vocal Performance at the 49th Grammy Awards, it was nominated for Song of the Year.

    A Moment Like by Kelly Clarkson was not nominated for a Grammy, Kelly has only been nominated for 5 Grammy's Best Female Pop Performance for Miss Independent, Best Pop Vocal Album for All I Ever Wanted, and Best Country Collaboration With Vocals for Because of You (with Reba McEntire). She won for Best Pop Vocal Album for Breakaway and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Since You've Been Gone.

    and Broken by Lindsey Haun was not nominated for a Grammy, nor has Lindsey been nominated for a Grammy.

    Source(s): Wikipedia and Grammy.com You can type in the aritst name or song and it will pull up information on it or them.
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    you can use wikipedia by entering in "artists name awards". Carrie's song won (2007) but Kelly won with "Since U Been Gone" and "Breakaway".

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    Type in here and it'll search it for you!

    So, no a Moment Like This didn't win.

    Jesus Take the Wheel did, and Broken didn't.

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