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Doesn't Oxygen Ever Run Out In Airplanes?!?

I Was On A Plane The Other Day, And I Kept Thinking Doesn't Oxygen Ever Run out? How Do Airplanes Always Have Oxygen?

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    Oxygen will not run out while you're on an airplane. The issue isn't so much running out of oxygen as it is not enough pressure at altitude (Not only do your lungs need oxygen, they need pressure to force the oxygen into your blood). You are able to breathe on an airplane while it's at cruise altitude because the engines compress air from outside increasing it's pressure and that air gets pumped into the cabin at the pressure needed to be comfortably breathe. The cabin is sealed and the air is regulated by a valve, usually at the very back of the airplane. So provided that there are no big holes in the cabin (windows blowing out for example), the airplane will maintain pressure. So there is a constant supply of air that will not run out for the people on the airplane.

    If there were a problem and decompression and you had to use the oxygen masks that drop down, there's about 15 to 20 minutes of oxygen with those masks. If the masks do come down the pilots will be descending the airplane to an altitude that you will be able to safely breathe.

    Source(s): I'm an airline pilot.
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    Airplanes never leave the atmosphere, therefore there is always oxygen available. At 30,000 feet, the amount of free oxygen is less than at sea level, the planes use supplemental enrichment systems to keep the O2 level at about 20.5%. The amount of available oxygen outside the plane is more than adequate to keep the engines burning, and is sufficient to support life, although not ideal.

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