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Why are people prosecuted for possession of cocaine when the CIA helped drug lords smuggle it?


The CIA and George Bush the First in particular gave Manuel Noriega money even though they knew he was a drug summler. Yet they don't seem to have a problem with throwing young people into prison for years for possession of personal amounts- could it be because our government is corrupt?

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    Drug laws in America have a very dark history. One such mark of shame: much of the legislation has been overtly racist and classist, assuming that certain types of people can control themselves and others cannot. The draconian drug laws in the US disproportionately affect the lower classes, because they have always been the intended targets, and so they are the ones singled out by authorities.

    You are correct that the government could not care less about the lives they ruin through frivolous incarceration. The dominant attitude in the justice system has been and still is, "just lock 'em up", with absolutely no intention to address the underlying problems of addiction, the defective legislation, or the socioeconomic issues at play. And the statistics bear this all out. The US has the highest rate of incarcerated citizens in the world, and the rate is MUCH higher among blacks and latinos. Racists love to point to this fact as suggesting that blacks and latinos are inherently violent criminals, but the fact is that they represent a distinctly lower economic class than their white countrymen, and many of them are in prison on the NON-violent drug charges that were designed to nab them in the first place.

    In recent years, the picture has become much grimmer. Between 1980 to 2005, the prison population quintupled, while the general population did not even double. Be sure to note that 1980 marked the beginning of the Reagan administration who greatly escalated the "War on Drugs", and also that violent crime has DEcreased during this period. The dubious provisions of the Patriot Act have been used almost exclusively for drug investigations, as opposed to attacking the terrorism they were purported to curtail. We do not live in a free society, either absolutely or relative to other nations, no matter how loudly flag-waving morons stomp their cowboy boots and say we do.

    But the original question of why this is all so, or what the government (=corporate elite?) gains from this absurd police state system...I don't know the answer. The CIA has a dark past, as well, and your example is just one of many, that we know of. For another badge of honor, look into project MKULTRA. Whoever these departments are meant to serve, it is certainly not the populace.

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    People operate to suit themselves. Since no one is watching, they feel comfortable doing anything "as long as they don't get caught." GOD is watching and I personally wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

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