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Can cholesterol medication (rosuvastatin) give you leukemia?

I'm 19 years and 4 months old and have been diagnosed with a high level of HDL (53.27mg/dl -- I think milligrams per deciliter) and a low level of LDL (168mg/dl). To fix this, the doctor I went to prescribed Rosuvastatin (Crestor) 10mg, 1/day for a month.

Normally, I'd be totally ok with that, I usually trust doctors to know what they're doing. Besides, I went to a pretty expensive clinic and the medication itself was pretty expensive, which usually means it's good. The problem is that my mother told me about a friend of hers who, after starting cholesterol medication (not sure if it was Rosuvastatin, too), developed leukemia and passed away within a month (he was a lot older, though, probably 70-80). I tend to think it wasn't related to the medication, but I just want someone else's opinion (hopefully someone in the medical field). I haven't started the medication yet. All my other (blood & urine) tests were perfectly fine.

So, should I start the medication or not? I'm thinking I should, it's not like they wouldn't pull the medication off the market if everybody died of cancer after taking it, right? Plus, I think my cholesterol levels are more of a threat than an (unlikely) complication which would lead to leukemia... Right? :s

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    You are right. Besides drugs won't cause harm if they are prescribed under medical supervision. Start your medication right away and normalize your cholesterol level and enjoy a great life

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