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What kind of phone can i get with a small full keyboard?

I have had the alias, and the alias 2 both for years, the keyboard size is great for me because its not long like a enV 1,2 or even 3 because i have cerbral palsy and i cant text on thoses long keyboard like that because of the cp. whats a good phone, that has a full keyboard (about the size of the alias 2 in length) with a camera also and that's Verizon? thanks!


and i don't want an alias any more, thanks for reading.

Update 2:

no touch screen!

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    If you go to Straightalk, they use Verizon towers, and you can get a Samsung SCH-R451C ($99.98 @ Walmart), which has a slide out the side QWERTY keyboard with soft keys that also light. The service is either $30/mo for limited browser/text/1000min/mo, or $45/mo (each is + tax; mine is $49.79/mo on auto-recharge via my credit card), or you can buy the time cards at walmart ($30/45+sales tax) for 1 month service. $45/mo gets you unlimited calling, free roaming, free long distance, voice mail, caller ID, unlimited txt/month, unlimited pic/text/mo, 6.5GB web (proprietary browser, powered by Tracfone [StraightTalk and Tracfone are owned by same company], also with "Go To URL" function, but w/o pictures and doesn't play youtube videos or weather maps and Java is disabled, but you can download free ringtones at, or buy them from straighttalk. Samsung also came out with a new StraightTalk phone R355C (SCH-R355C) about 3 weeks ago, which has the QWERTY keyboard on the front, a larger screen than the R451C [looks like a Blackberry], ($129.99 @ Walmart). BOTH have a 1.3MP camera that only take pics (no video), an MP3 Player, use Micro SD cards, don't have an audio recorder, and can be used with a USB cable to up/down load music/pics to/from a PC, but cannot tether a PC/Mac to get the PC online.

    StraightTalk is a pre-paid cell service provider, and probably about the best bang for the buck on what's available inexpensively currently, including plans available under contracts. And Verizon has a pretty wide coverage in the USA. The service is CDMA, not G2, G3, G4, and the Internet is slow, being 1X, regardless of which phone chosen for their service. But for $50/mon for all you DO get?

    But as far as directly through the main Verizon company, your best bet is to go to the Verizon Wireless website and search your zip code/area for the most accurate and up to date info on which phones are available, then call Verizon Wireless, asking them particulars about what ever phones you're interested in, etc. Hope that helps.

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    Verizon on the spot has the ultimate touch-exhibit telephones ive seen with an entire keyboard, like the samsung glyde and voyager. the hot LG Dare has a digital keyboard yet i heard its not person-friendly to apply. Att Has one touchscreen that i understand of that has an entire keyboard and its the lean. It looks advantageous yet its fairly costly. And its a Pda/telephone. additionally they have the iphone which additionally has a digital keyboard, and The Vu.(= yet i prefer verizon for touchscreen telephones with keyboards. I actual have the glyde and its fairly cool. And im a texting freakk! desire this helps!

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    i also have the alias and i love the keyboard i think that's the smallest full keyboard u can get.

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    If you do change your mind about the touch screen you should get At&t Samsung

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    i have an Intensity.

    it works great and the keyboard is good too.

    there's the link for the info.

    hope i helped!

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    Blackberry or NOKIA do a range of them

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