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Is it true that many Jews believe that "Messianic Judaism" is Anti-Semitic ?

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    Absolutely- its entire premise is a one that is designed to redefine, and through that redefinition, destroy Judaism. It is nothing more than a religious bait and switch scheme aimed at tryign to convert Jews to Christianity usinglies, deceit and misrepresentation.

    You can see it here in this queston- devoted claims that their local Jewish community is warm to the "messianic jews". The chances of this is being true vary between 0 and 0. Every Jewish organisation, every Jewish establishment, rejects "messianic judaism" as nothing more than another missionary movement in Christianity. They have been barred from participation in jewish structures and are not allowed to be buried in Jewish cemetaries. Every major Jewish decisor has ruled that they ar enot Jewish- and the very few of them that might ever have been Jewish, ceased to be a member of the Jewish community and cannot be part of any Jewish community, any jewish function or have any role in any Jewish communal or religious function! To try and cliaim that these rulings do not exist is a blatant lie.

    Here is the stance of the OU (Orthodox Union- largest Orthodox group in the USA) : "Messianic Judaism is not authentic Judaism. It is fundamental Christianity dressed up to look Jewish and thereby ensnare Jewish souls." from

    Taglit/Birthright that offers trips to israel for jewish youth screens out "messianic jews"

    "There is unanimity in Jewish life that individuals who may be from Jewish lineage or family life and who choose the Messianic path (and in so doing accept the Christian belief in Jesus) have chosen a path that separates them from the accepted parameters of Jewishness in contemporary Jewish society. "Such a choice is regarded as analogous to freely converting out of normative Jewish belief systems. This is not a denial of their origins, nor is it about the quality of their beliefs. It is simply an agreed upon formula that certain acts categorically separate individuals from what are agreed-upon parameters of Jewishness in this age. "Taglit-Birthright Israel follows these accepted parameters of contemporary Jewish life and for that reason 'Messianics' are not within Taglit-Birthright Israel parameters." from

    In the UK:

    "Such congregations are designed to appear Jewish, but they are actually fundamentalist Christian churches which use traditional Jewish symbols to lure the most vulnerable of our Jewish people into their ranks." from


    "According to Rabbi Cohen, messianic Jews are also increasingly targeting Jews going through periods of transition, such as children whose parents are divorcing or moving from study to the workforce.

    “People who feel a sense of attachment and joy from being Jewish are less likely to be vulnerable to the messianics.”

    Rabbi Cohen has been speaking at various shuls and schools throughout Sydney to educate the community about the tools and strategies used by messianic Jews"


    And anyone wising to do so can find many similar statements like these on the internet- jewish society rejects "messianic judaism" and does not allow them to participate as jews in any manner whatsoever.

    Source(s): Orthodox Jew; acting Rabbi
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    Simple: All Jews believe (or should believe) in the Messiah. Messianic Jews are simply those who (like Jesus' Jewish disciples and the church in the first century) believe that Jesus is the Messiah that God promised them. According to the Bible, a Jewish person who believes that Jesus is the Messiah, becomes a "completed Jew". Christian means "follower of Christ". So, Messianic Jews are Jews who both believe and follow Christ as their LORD, Savior and Messiah. Because of Israel's unique position before God, Jews (secular ones for example) become "completed Jews" or in other words Jewish followers of Christ.

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  • Dalan
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    Unfortunately, many Jews believe that Messianics are antisemitic.

    But it also seems that many Jews are very bitter and have their form of "antisemitism" against anyone who doesn't worship exactly as they say they should. If I believe in living by the Torah (which I do) and I don't believe in the Messiah Yahshua, then I'm ok in their books. But the minute I say I believe in Yahshua as the Messiah...well I"m no longer welcome. Why is this? The differences between an Orthodox and a reform are probably pretty vast, but that's ok.

    " "Messianic Judaism" is nothing more than Christianity gussied up by liars and frauds (aka: Fundamentalist Evangelical Christians) to attempt to deceive Jews who are not as well educated in their Judaism as they should be."

    I wonder how many Messianic's this person really knows and has sat down and talked Torah with. My guess is NONE! They are making very broad statements that are incorrect by today's standards.

    I'm sure that there are some Messianics who fit that description of being Evangelicals, but I haven't met them. Most of the Messianic believers that I know don't go looking for "weak minded" Jews to "convert"! There are plenty of weak minded christians that need Torah, why look for a Jew?

    I find it very insulting and narrow minded that these people continue to harp on some group back in the 60's that used the name "messianic jew" and and were in fact trying to evangelize the Jews. Now every one who uses anything that is close to this name is the same as they were.

    The name may be the same, but the heart is totally different.

    Get over it!

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  • Anonymous
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    answer: absolutely. The goal is to convert Jews to their brand of Christianity and destroy Judaism. By inserting Yeshua/Jesus into Jewish holy days and rituals, they dilute and dishonor Christianity, Jesus and Judaism.

    And another answer is misleading.

    A few REAL Jewish congregations may make the grave error in reaching out to 'messianics' for interfaith workings but the overwhelming number of Jewish congregations do not.

    Even the most liberal of the branches of Judaism have issued the following:

    Reform Responsa Vol. XCI, pp. 67-69

    We should be much stricter in our relationship with "Messianic Jews" than with other Christians with whom we continually attempt to establish good interfaith relations. The normative Christian churches are known for their beliefs and practices and are easily distinguishable by our people. Although they may continue to seek some converts from Judaism, most Churches have not pursued active missionary activities in modern times. Directly the opposite is true of "Messianic Jews." They have established a vigorous missionary presence and often seek to confuse Jews about the nature of their religion. They have frequently presented themselves as Jews rather than Christians through misleading pamphlets, advertisements, and religious services. We should do everything in our power to correct these misconceptions and to maintain a strict separation from anyone connected with this group.

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      Avarah is NOT a Jew, furthermore, jpa = Jewish pagan allowance and she is a lesbian which is not compatible with Judaism yet she claims to be Jewish (though she's not Jewish in any way) and claims to be able to define what is and isn't Jewish. She is a liar and a bully.

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    You obviously don't know Judaism well enough to know how diverse it really is.

    Judaism 101 says:

    ***It is important to note that being a Jew has nothing to do with what you believe or what you do....a person born to a Jewish mother who is an atheist and never practices the Jewish religion is still a Jew, even in the eyes of the ultra-Orthodox.***

    You understand the basic problem with your question is that you must be able to define what something is before you can say what it isn't. As when

    ***It is important to note that being a Jew has nothing to do with what you believe or what you do....a person born to a Jewish mother who is an atheist and never practices the Jewish religion is still a Jew, even in the eyes of the ultra-Orthodox.***

    the idea of Atheist Jews being Anti-Semitic is easier to imagine than Messianic Jews.

    Hope this helps


    I challenge Zvi to say what the God of Israel made him to do. Obviously, God did not intend you to just hang out so Zvi, what the Creator of the Universe make you to do?

    What about your congregation? Do you know what the God of Israel created your congregation to do?

    Obviously, He went into great detail on many things as scriptures describe. So why would He deliberately made you and then, just as deliberately, not tell you what you need to do in order to be Torah observant?

    Ball is in your court.


    Fear monger, Allonyoav says, ***its entire premise is a one that is designed to redefine, and through that redefinition, destroy Judaism.***

    Obviously, Tracey Rich and Allonyoav, don't agree as you can't destroy a unity that isn't there....thus proving Rich's position ***It is important to note that being a Jew has nothing to do with what you believe or what you do.***

    Allonyoav must have mistaken history for the Jewish scriptures and metaphorically Jewish history as he does the scriptures.

    Everyone knows that the man who murders over a million Jews in about 5 years does not return from the trip seeking to look for ways to ensure Judaism perservation. This type of interpretation is beyond crazy.

    Rather, Vespasian would come back wanting to prevent further uprisings and the wasting of his time/life. Zakkai's school provided him the means to cheaply and effectively destroy Judaism by:

    1. Changing the Passover from Israel being a free nation/people to being servant of Rome and other Goyim.

    2. For about 900 years, the interpretation of Hosea 14:3 by all the prophets and sages including both Hillel and Shammai included sacrifices. This 900 year period offers both scriptural and non-scriptural rational to be Torah observant as demonstrated by the rebuilding of the Temple and rededication of the Temple followed by the resuming of sacrifices.

    As Bad Tim says,

    *** judaism had to institute some pretty radical changes in order to survive in exile. one of those changes was the rabbinic system***

    As Judaism 101 says,

    ***Modern Jews, on the other hand, reject the idea of rebuilding the Temple and resuming sacrifices. They call their houses of prayer "temples," believing that such houses of worship are the only temples we need, the only temples we will ever have, and are equivalent to the Temple in Jerusalem.***

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    I wouldn't say "Messianic Judaism" is Anti-Semitic, unless, of course, they are deceptively trying to convert actual Jews to Christianity (which is what "Messianic Judaism" really is).

    Otherwise, I'd just say that "Messianic Judaism" is offensive and annoying.

    Source(s): Being Jewish
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    Many do and the numbers are slightly higher that those that believe Christianity is Anti Semitic.

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    It matters far more that Jesus is the Christ of God - the Messiah sent by God the Father.

    Jesus has died and rose again that men may come into the household of God - having destroyed the dividing wall of hostility.

    The gospel of Jesus Christ is to be preached to all men as Jesus Himself commanded.

    If men find this offensive - and they will - so be it

    The quick thumbs on on this Biblical answer indicates exactly what God Himself has declared: Men hate mercy.

    They do not desire it for themself, the Jew or the Gentile.

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  • Anonymous
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    It is Christianity trying to disguise itself as a form of Judaism. Messianic Judaism is a joke, because it is neither.

    Christians from day one have tried to destroy its own source and Jews have refused to accept this parody of their pathway. They will continue to do so, regardless of what dishonest tactics some Evangelicals engage in. From the accusations that Jews have killed the Christian Lord to blood libel stories, from the inquisitions, progroms and the shoah, Jews have survived.

    Why dont you Christians get the message already? The answer is NO!

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    Mostly just the Yahoo "Jews" feel that way. But we aren't anti-Semitic, since we ARE Jews. The entire thought is rather ridiculous.

    The Jews in our local communities are just as warm and accepting as our other neighbors, and even invite us to special events at their Synagogue and also come to ours. The animosity seen in Yahoo does not represent all Jews, only a small, virulent portion. It seems to be more like a video game they're playing, rather than truth. ;-)

    And your quotes around Messianic Judaism, shows that YOU are "anti" something, but we'll leave that up to Yahweh to deal with.


    Source(s): ><>
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    • You can call every RAbbi in the country, ( that doesn't FRAUDULENTLY profess itself to be a synagogue while worshipping the New Testament dogma )
      and discover who is honest here

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