drivers license renewal in another state?

okay so i have a texas drivers license.. but im moving to colorado for college in a couple months and ive looked online everywhere but i have no idea if i need to take the whole damn test again or do i just go in there and take another picture and have one mailed to me, need help fast

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    Try doing it on line. Here's the link. will answer any questions you might have about the process.

    Also, since you haven't gone to college yet, could you renew your license before you leave the state? If I remember right, you can renew in advance in TX, you don't have to wait until the expiration date.

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    Depends on the local state regulations. Some states do NOT require the vehicle and driver's license match. While others will cite you if they find out you have resided in the state for more than 30 days without changing registration. People in the military are a general exception as they have no control over where they are stationed and registering vehicles and getting a new driver's license is an unnecessary hardship for relatively frequent relocations not of their own choosing. Insurance companies do NOT care about license and registration. They insure the vehicle and driver and the legality of the registration is up to you and the state. I am not advocating this, but I live in Washington State, near the Puget Sound Naval Base and Shipyard. I left the Navy years ago. I have a friend, who like me, retired here. He came from CA and still has a vehicle registered there. It has been over 10 years since he left the service, and still one of his two vehicles is registered out of state. He says he has been asked about this from time to time, and simply explained his family lives in CA and most of the time his car is there, not here, being used by his family. He seems to be getting away with it. The thing is, most states simply will not spend the time and effort to look for this kind of infraction. The registration fee is a drop in the bucket compared to the other money you spend every day to drive, which IS here where you live.

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    unless you plan on becoming a permanent resident of keep your Texas license

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    have you thought about ringing or emailing the dmv in colorado?

    they would know the truth, and be able to advise you correctly rather than relying on third hand (at best) information or half-truths

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    okay so.... You don't need a Co. license. Your Tx license is good anywhere in the world. so okay.............

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