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Birth Control with Airport Security?

Hey! I am a sixteen year old female. I am going on a trip to the UK from America for a month with my grandma, and I need to know how to bring birth control so she doesn't find out about it. If I just put it in my suitcase will they even know I have it? How do I go about bringing it?

No one knows I take it, I got it at Planned Parenthood so I was able to get it without a parent. So I can't tell my grandma or parents.

[please don't lecture me about sex, I am using birth control so I don't get pregnant while I am there]

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    All medications - prescription and over the counter - are allowed to be taken with you. Just leave it in your luggage, in your carry on bag or purse - whatever you want to do.

    The TSA inspectors are looking for things that are dangerous, explosive or that pose a hazard to the plane or passengers - they are not the morality police. They don't care about your sex life.

    You can be absolutely certain that people take much more unusual things through the security check point than birth control pills or whatever you are using. Do a search on Y!A for sex toys and airplanes :-)

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    I had no difficulty with BC in February of this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days once I left the country. in view which you're carrying plenty , basically make advantageous all of them have the label on them from the drugstore.

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    Birth control. I'm assuming that this is pills you are talking about. Just drop it in your suitcase. Airport security won't be concerned about it.

    Source(s): Among other things, I am also an airport screener.
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