Good underground songs?

Okay, so I'm looking for some good rap songs.

Songs that not a lot of people know about. None of that 'Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Too Short, David Banner kinda crap. I want the underground music. Please and thanks :)

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    Jedi Mind Tricks:

    "Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story"

    "Razorblade Salvation"


    "Speech Cobras"

    "I against I"

    "Blood in Blood Out"

    "Black Winter Day"

    "Heavenly Devine"

    "Animal Rap"

    "Before the Great Collapse"


    "The Gates"


    "Mic Like a Memory"


    "Never Know Why"

    "America Loves Gangstas"

    "The Park"

    "Love Aint"

    "Dying Nation"

    "Doin Alright"

    "Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts"

    "Missing Children"

    "What'll You Do?"

    "Beautiful Girl"


    "Family Ties"


    "Don't Leave"

    "Old School"


    "The Light"

    "Brain Cell"




    "The Woman with the Tattooed Hands"

    "Always Coming Back Home to You"

    "Trying to Find a Balance"

    "Running With Scissors"

    "Nothing But Sunshine"

    "Modern Man's Hustle"

    "Between the Lines"

    "Smart Went Crazy"

    "Wild Wild Horses"

    "Pour Me Another"

    "Shoulda Known"

    "F*ck You Lucy"

    "Saves the Day"




    "The Arrival"

    "Little Man"




    R.A. the Rugged Man:

    "Black and White"

    "Stanley Kubrik"


    "Give it up"



    Jay Electronica:

    "So What You Sayin'"

    "Renaissance Man"

    "Get Em"

    "Swagger Jackson's Revenge"

    "Exhibit C"

    "Exhibit A"

    "Dear Moleskine"

    "Voodoo Man"

    "Uzi Weighs a Ton"

    "B*tches and Drugs"

    Aesop Rock:


    "None Shall Pass"


    "Fast Cars"




    "I'll Be Okay"

    "Night Light"

    "Commencement at the Obedience Academy"

    Army of the Pharaohs:


    "Strike Back"

    "Murda Murda"

    "Battle Cry"

    "Dump the Clip"


    "Still Talking to You"

    "Another Reflection"

    "Reflection Eternal"

    "Luv (Sic) Part 2"

    "Luv (Sic) Part 3"

    "Aruarian Dance"

    "Highs 2 Lows"

    "Lady Brown"


    ''Battle Cry''




    "Can’t Leave Rap Alone"

    "Cheap Sunglasses"


    "I’m a Demigod"

    "It Takes a Seven Nation Army to Hold us Back"

    "Money Orientated"

    "One of Those Days"

    "Philisophical Gangstas"


    "What Goes Up"

    "Here Comes the Gangstas"

    Black Milk:

    "The Matrix"

    "Long Story Short"

    "Losing Out"

    Brother Ali:

    "Win Some, Lose Some"

    "Uncle Sam Goddamn"

    "Take Me Home"

    "Forest Whitiker"

    "Picket Fence"

    "Star Quality"

    "Rain Water"

    "Fresh Air"

    "Truth Is"


    "Pretty Apollo"

    "Electric Blue"

    "First Person"


    "400 Years"









    Killah Priest:

    "Ghetto Government - Sunz of Man"

    "Horsemen Talk"

    "Hood Nurseries"

    "Profits of Man"

    "Gun 4 Gun"



    Deltron 3030:

    "Positive Contact"




    Talib Kweli:

    "This Means You"

    "Memories Live"

    "Long Life"

    "Good to You"

    "Good Mourning"

    "The Blast"

    "Sharp Shooters"

    "Ghetto Show"

    "2000 Seasons"

    "We Know"

    "Too Late"

    "Get By"

    Masta Ace:

    "Sittin’ on Chrome"

    "Good Ol’ Love"

    "Soda and Soap"

    "Make It Better"

    "Take a Walk"

    "Born to Roll"

    "No Regrets"




    Zion I:

    "Caged Bird Part 1"

    "Konkrete Jungle"

    "Silly Puddy"





    Immortal Technique:

    "The Cause of Death"

    "Dance with the Devil"

    "Leaving the Past"

    "Caught in a Hustle"

    "4th Branch"

    "No Mercy"

    "Tell the Truth"

    "You Never Know"

    "Point of No Return"

    "Peruvian Cocaine"

    "Reverse Pimpology"

    "The 3rd World"

    "Harlem Streets"



    "Internally Bleeding"

    "Angel of Death"

    "War is my Destiny"

    Little Brother:



    "Lovin’ It"

    "All for You"

    "The Yo-Yo"

    "Beautiful Morning"

    "Good Clothes"

    "Let it Go"

    "The Honorable"

    "Can’t Let Her"

    "Slow it Down"


    "Black Snow"

    "Hold On"

    "Incite a Riot"



    "The Hatred"

    "Avalanche Warning"

    Blu & Exile:

    "Show Me the Good Life"

    "Dancing in the Rain"

    "Grandma's Kitchen"

    "Blu Collar Worker"

    "The Narrow Path"

    "No Greater Love"

    "Just another Day"

    "Simply Amazin'"

    "Hold On John"

    "The World Is"


    Blue Scholars:

    "No Rest for the Weary"

    "North by Northwest"

    "Motion Movement"

    "Southside Revival"

    "Burnt Offering"

    "Still Got Love"


    "The Inkwell"

    "Back Home"




    Binary Star:

    "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing"

    "Honest Expression"

    "One Man Army"


    "New Hip-Hop"

    "Reality Check"

    "Solar Powered"

    "Glen Close"

    "The K.G.B."

    "Slang Blade"


    "Indy 500"

    Dilated Peoples:

    "The Last Line of Defense"

    "Another Sound Mission"

    "Worst Comes to Worst"

    "Closed Session"

    "The Platform"

    "Big Business"

    "Back Again"



    "Whos Who"


    "Say Goodnight"

    "Pray For Me (Suicide Note)"

    "5 Mics (All in One)"





    "Walk Like a Man"

    "The Pain"

    "What Do You Know"

    "Happy Pillz"

    "1st Love"

    "A Part of Me"

    "Bad Man"

    "Freak these Tales"



    "Mo Money Mo Murder Mo Homocide"

    "Bodies Gotta Get Caught"

    "Rather Unique"

    "The Come Up"

    "Gimme Yours"

    "The Format"

    "Let's Toast"

    "Doe or Die"

    "Sugar Hill"


    "The Truth"


    "The Upgrade"



    "All In Together Now"

    "The Lyricist"


    "First Things First"


    EDO G:

    "Pass the Mic"

    "Here I Go Again"

    "Round & Round"


    "In the Beginning"

    "Take a Minute"

    "People like Me"


    "Wavin Flag"

    The Cool Kids:


    "Action Figures"

    "Bassment Party"


    "Black Mags"

    "Box of Rocks"

    "Chicago Zoo"

    "Delivery Man"

    "Fresher than You"

    "Gold & a Pager"

    "I'm Mikey"


    "One Two"



    "What Up Man?"

    The Pharcyde:

    "Passin' Me By"


    "Otha Fish"

    "I’m the Type of N*gga"

    "Pack the Pipe"

    "She Said"


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Skyzoo - The Beautiful Decay

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Meat

    Black Milk - Give The Drumma Sum

    K'Naan - America

    La Coka Nostra - F*ck Tony Montana

    Blu & Exile - Dancing In The Rain

    CunninLynguists - Rain

    RA The Rugged Man - American Lowlife

    MURS - D.S.W.G (Dark Skinned White Girls)

    Moka Only - Once Again

    Mac Dre - Rapper Gone Bad

    Also.. Check out Masta Ace's album A Long Hot Summer.. Has a good story that flows from song to song..

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    Just about any song off Fashawn's debut album "Boy Meets World" or Skyzoo's "The Salvation". Even some of Skyzoo's mixtapes like "Corner Store Classic" or "Cloud 9: The Three Day High". Also look at the California duo, Zion I.

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    4 years ago

    Venus In Furs and The Velvet Underground and Nico although I do like Rock N Roll off Loaded and the album White easy/White warmth. besides as easy Blue Eyes off The Velvet Underground.

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    Any song from these artists

    Mos Def



    Immortal Technique

    East Coast Avengers

    Celph Titled


    Low Key

    Dead Prez

    Stic. Man

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    Planet Asia-In Your Area

    Apathy-Ap is Like...

    Jedi Mind Tricks-Speech Cobras

    7L & Esoteric-You Know The Concept

    Atmosphere-Your Glasshouse


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    Sixtoo: "Antagonist Survival Kit" and "Almost a Dot on the Map" (albums)

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    MOS DEF/slick rick/madlib - the ecstatic..

    Youtube thumbnail

    Latyrx - Lady dont tek no + the wreckoning

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Planet asia, madlib, pb wolf - definition of ill (remix)

    Youtube thumbnail

    co flo - 8 steps to perfection + end 2 end burners

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Bomb Skwad - flashy whips

    Youtube thumbnail

    Wee bee foolish - this kid

    Youtube thumbnail

    *check madlibs 'medacine show' mixes being released throughout the year..

    Youtube thumbnail

    go cop them at

    search through new releases off stonesthrow, ninja tune and definitive jux...

    trowel through

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    an older but still awesome song is Gritz-My life be like

    I think it was in tokyo drift, but if you didnt see that then you probably havnt heard it.

  • Chris
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    1 decade ago

    Here you go.

    These guys have some pretty amazing underground remixes/music.

    They call their selves Tha InsomniACTS.

    Peace and love!!

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