If my husband gets dischard from the marine core with a general discharge?

will he be able to still join the army after wards?


the reason hes getting a general discharge is because after we lost are first baby he asked if he could get more time off to deal with eat they told him no and he lost it,and went UA he returned got deployed to iraq again hes going on terminal and just found out hes getting a general discharge

Update 2:

i meant it

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    Depends on why he got his general discharge. What did he do? More than likely it's not going to look good for him and with military branches meeting their quotas and even surpassing him he will likely have trouble as prior service. And honestly if he couldn't handle the Marine Corps and getting a very easy to achieve honorable discharge, why do you think he'll want to join the Army? Honestly

    It's Corps by the way not core.

    Source(s): Woman Marine 97-01 married to a disabled Iraq war veteran Marine
  • 1 decade ago

    general discharge = loser.

    Come on, it is not that hard to get an honorable discharge. For someone not to get one they more in likely screwed up. The service just wants to get rid of them but does not want to go to the time and effort to court martial them so they can give the guy a dishonorable discharge. So they give him a general discharge, often under honorable conditions and the guy is dumb enough to take it.

    Then later he has second thoughts and starts talking about getting it upgraded. (1 out of 10,000 odds of that happening) or they talk about going back into the service. Why would one service take the problem child of another service?

    Lastly, recruitment is going great right now. Why would any service take a loser when there is a pool of untainted recruits out there? New recruits right out of high school, people who served before who got an honorable discharge, etc.

    Tell your husband he needs to clean up his act, otherwise when he is out, he is out.

    Source(s): Former Commander. I made it a policy not to pass my bad apples on to other units and I definitely would not take bad apples in return.
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    almost impossible. one, GUHs come with RE3 or 4 codes and you absolutely can never get back in with a 4, 3's require a waiver, some characterizations no waivers are authorized and right now, NONE are being granted even if they are authorized,.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    depends on the reason of the discharge

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  • 1 decade ago

    well he most likely messed up and if your spelling my beloved CORPS wrong hes not telling you something or he hasnt been in long so most likely no even the army dogs wont take him.

    Source(s): usmc 02-06
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