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What supreme court, appellate, or other court cases are there about the patriot act?

i need this really quick and please help me

can you tell me the name of the case

and then if you could tell me the website for the actuall case

thank you

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    Cases Related to Intelligence Surveillance - U.S. Courts ...

    In this case, the Court affirmed the District Court's decision to ... Second, the Court noted that the PATRIOT ACT (2001) gave federal authorities much greater ... - Cached


    Dissent Magazine

    Dissent magazine was founded in 1954 by Iriving Howe, and continues to be a vital voice of the democratic left. Co-edited by Mitchell Cohen and Michael Walzer, ... - Cached



    What is PATRIOT? The USA PATRIOT Act (officially the Uniting and Strengthening America by ... EFF Urges Court to Find USA PATRIOT Act Powers Unconstitutional ... - Cached


    EFF: Patriot ACT II Analysis

    With the full effect of the USA Patriot Act (USAPA) on civil liberties in the United ... a judge's ability to force the government to make its case in open court, even if the ... - 57k - Cached


    FISA Court Denies Public Access to Records Concerning ...

    2/26/2010 | Keep America Safe & Free, Secrecy, Surveillance, USA PATRIOT Act ... Act Now. Urge Obama to Keep 9/11 Cases in Federal Court. SEND A MESSAGE ... - Cached


    BORDC: Anti-Terror Cases with Civil Liberties Implications

    BORDC's mission is to organize and support an effective, national grassroots movement to restore civil liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. - Cached ~~

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