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I'm making a video of Criminal Minds, the "emotional" side of it... I need some help. Can someone please tell me some times where there where emotional scenes... like after a rapist or something traumatizing ect. Thank You!!


Any are good really... im focusing more on JJ though... but that scene is marvelous... thanks!!!

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    how about that episode that guest-starred James van der Beek..JJ and Reid got split up and Reid got himself kidnapped while JJ got attacked by dogs..the team found JJ completely traumatized after being attacked and shooting the killer dogs..that was a traumatizing scene..

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    do you want just JJ scenes or others as well? one scene that I remember is in 'Penelope' season 3 episode 9 after garcia was shot and came home. the interaction between her and morgan was so touching.

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  • 3 years ago

    Criminal Minds Jj Gets Shot

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    5 years ago

    1x02 JJ first appears (YIPPEE!)

    1x04 JJ calls Reid "Spence" for the first time (and continues to be the only member of team to refer to him as "Spence" throughout the series), and is made fun of for acting like his mother when she tells him about the trick candles. JJ and Reid go out on a "date", which does not lead to any type of romantic relationship

    1x12 The scope of JJ's skills with the press and public announcements is shown in more depth for the first time. She can be seen manipulating a reporter and evading reporter's questions, even one she has a history with. It's the first time in the series that we get a feel for what JJ really does.

    1x14 JJ, along with Hotch, utilizes the unsub's victimology to manipulate him into divulging where the other girls have been buried. This is a fairly important character development for JJ, as it shows that she is capable of being more than a media liaison and that she is a talented and skilled FBI agent.

    1x21 There are some funny moments between JJ and Penelope.

    1x22 Some more funny scenes between JJ and Penelope. It is revealed that JJ collected butterflies as a child when she receives a petrified butterfly from the "Fisher King".

    2x05 JJ has an emotional moment with a rape victim and consoles her, showing the extreme empathy that she is capable of.

    2x06 JJ successfully tricks Morgan and Reid into thinking her fear of the woods stemmed from a terrible murder she discovered while performing her duties as a camp counselor. She jokingly revealed that she doesn't know why she's afraid of the woods, she just is. It's really cool because she tricks two trained profilers, showing off her manipulation skills.

    2x07 Very JJ centric (pretty much the first time we REALLY get a decent insight/amount of her character). She pushes for the team to take a case in North Mammon (a town very much like hers growing up), when three female high school soccer players go missing. She plays a very central role in not only getting the team to take the case, but then showing a very strong and powerful side of herself when she keeps the parents from "tearing each other’s heads off", as well as providing strong emotional support for the surviving girls. Also, this is the first time JJ says the opening quote, and she even gets the final quote as well.

    2x09 Nothing overly unique, I just like the amount of JJ in this one :D

    2x12 JJ, the girls, and Reid have a cute moment in the beginning.

    2x14/15 Not too much JJness in the beginning of 14, except for her kicking *** at darts. It’s mainly the end of 14 and then most of 15 that features her more prominently (she totally gets attacked by wild dogs…DRAMA!!). (Only downside is that if you love JJ as much as I do, Morgan is gonna piss you off, because he is mad harsh on her in one scene in episode 15)

    2x18 JJ meets the handsome William LaMontagne Jr. Sparks fly!!

    2x20 The girls have some fun with a fake FBI agent in the beginning.

    2x22 JJ convinces the team to take on a case with almost no evidence of victims or an unsub. Hotch praises her, so I am a fan.

    3x01 Some college chick has the audacity to spit on my precious JJ.

    3x04 JJ consoles Prentiss at the end of the episode.

    3x05 JJ actually questions the mom about the disappearance of her daughter. She also provides significant emotional support to the parents. When the mom asks JJ if she has kids, JJ replies that she doesn't but, "We see all of them as our own." It says a lot about how she views her work. *P.S. AJ Cook is funny in the bloopers for this episode.*

    3x09 JJ’s first kill. Protective over Penelope.

    3x10 Very end, “Boys behave or I will ground you both.” Short sweet, and so JJ.

    3x11 JJ deals with some emotional baggage regarding the cases she chooses (and especially the ones she doesn’t)

    3x14 Funny moment between JJ and Garcia after the opening credits, and at the end she sings a cute little song, “Garcia and Kevin, sittin in a tree.”

    3x17 JJ and Will get all awkward and then sexy! *Warning: As much as I love JJ, which is probably too much, she does have a moment where she is a lil self-centered and presumptuous. I usually just close my eyes/ears or skip the scene entirely as it a bad reflection of our girl.*

    3x18 JJ gets very personally involved with the case and finds out that she’s pregnant.

    3x20 JJ announces her pregnancy

    4x04 Cute JJ moment when Kung Pow Chicken makes her feel sick.

    4x07 JJ goes into labor, and has some good moments throughout. Names Garcia and Spence as the godparents.

    4x11 JJ brings baby to BAU (Very end)

    4x14 JJ’s back, and she kinda believes in a psychic… Still love her!

    4x15 At the end, JJ tells Rossi how she joined the FBI

    4x23 Nothing super special, except in the beginning, JJ’s badge says SSA. Not sure why, because she didn’t become an official SSA until season 7. Also JJ makes a man’s life by letting him know that he didn’t kill/hurt anybody (just further proof of her awesomeness)

    4x24 JJ deals with not being to tell her family about the attacks. She doesn’t ever say that she has any beliefs that Reid could die.

    5x03 A man is shot in front of JJ at the end of the episode, and she gets covered in his blood. She obviously is not a fan of this.

    5x05 Hotch asks for JJ’s input on some cases in the beginning, and JJ has some good moments.

    5x06 Literally the same season/episode/title as Charmed. (Even the part where the bad guy takes the eyes) JJ enlists Garcia for a special project for Morgan since he is the new acting team leader for the first time.

    5x07 JJ gets hit over the head with a shovel… so pretty great episode just for that piece of drama! Honestly couldn’t tell you too much about the rest of the episode, haha.

    5x09 Starts with JJ. About Hotch, but a very emotional episode in general. Would not advise skipping.

    5x13 Very emotional episode for JJ. Some really great character development.

    5x15 JJ has some emotional moments, nothing spectacular, but decent.

    5x16 Another JJ emotional thing. Enough for someone like me to wanna watch, haha. And reasons why I love Prentiss (She has JJ’s back, 24-7!)

    5x21 Cute moment with the gals of CM in the beginning (Side note: AJ Cook just looks extra sexy in this episode. Don’t know what it is in particular… just WOOF WOOF)

    6x01 JJ kicks bureaucracy’s ***!! JJ not only convinces whoever is in charge to let her hijack the emergency broadcast system, but then she gets the unsub to release his victim live on the air.

    6x02 JJ’s last episode before AJ Cook was temporarily “let go” from the show.

    6x18 JJ comes back to help Emily

    6x24 JJ shows up at the end to confirm that she’s coming back :D YIPPERS!!

    7x01 JJ is officially back, and this time, she’s sticking around 

    7x02 Very emotional for JJ and Reid’s friendship. (But how could he have went to JJ’s house for ten weeks when she was in Iraq? I mean, timeline wise, she COULD have finished up in time, but there would have been a gap between Emily’s “death” and him being able to go over to her house.)

    7x04 When Prentiss was telling Hotch that she got by in Paris because she spent a lot of time playing online scrabble with 'some girl named Cheeto-breath', and then the camera showed a shot of JJ eating Cheetos. Also, there’s an adorable convo between her and Reid about her being a “mean girl” in high school. Don’t worry JJ, I don’t believe it for a second.

    7x07 Will is having trouble adjusting to JJ's return to the BAU (Which, for the record, makes no sense because we find out in season 9 that she was in Iraq for most of season 6. And they were in the privacy of their own home, so they have no reason to keep up a cover…). Henry got sick and was admitted to the ER; JJ was unable to return to her home right away due to storms. We see her read to her son (which is AJ Cook's son in real life) through the phone.

    7x08 Some good JJ moments.

    7x12 JJ “rocks”

    7x14 JJ kicks some serious ***!! (P.S. AJ Cook does 99% of her own stunts) And she even looks good with a bloody face <3

    7x16 End of the episode, JJ and the girls after a night of drinking too much… Hi-larious!!

    7x20 JJ and Prentiss do this awesome female dominance thing. It’s hilarious!

    7x23/24 DRAMA!! Very awesome episodes for JJ. Will gets shot, Henry is babysat by one of the unsubs, and JJ gets blown up and kicks some serious ***. All around JJgasm!

    8x21 JJ makes head shot from at least 100ft with her gloc handgun.

    9x14 DRAMA!!...Just... JJgasm to infinity and beyond!! Can't say enough about how awesome this episode is!

    10x11 DRAMA!! Pretty much just another JJgasm!! :D The only part that left me unsure and uneasy was the very end. JJ said multiple times throughout the episode that the kind of trauma she went through (not just being tortured, but being tortured by the same man who caused the loss of her baby) does not just go away because of some act/gesture or experience. However, at the end of the episode, she can be seen wiping away her tears and almost seeming like that's exactly what happened. As much as I want to see JJ happy, this show is all about how people think and act, and if it's that easy for PTSD sufferers to get over it, then it wouldn't really be PTSD...

    Not done yet... but should keep you busy for a minute

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