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Are you afraid of ghosts and spooks - would you work as security staff at Hampton Court ?

between 10pm and 6am ? ^_^

would you have the guts to explore hampton court palace all alone ?

or are you somebody who'd get edgy and afraid of the place, given the countless stories (be they genuine or b/s) about 'ghosts' looming around the 16th Century palace ?


BOO ! ^_^


Youtube thumbnail


what IS that ? ^

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    Looks like some grainy footage of a person opening and shutting a door.

    I don't think ghosts exist so being there alone at night wouldn't be a problem - as long as I had a weapon in case there was a real burgler or prowler - living people are scary.

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    Ghosts simply do not exist. I would have no compunction about spending a night alone in Hampton Court (I slept in a graveyard over night for a bet once). I do however have career aspirations that are somewhat higher than working as a night security guard.

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    I'm not afraid of "ghosts", but wouldn't want to work as a night security guard at ANY castle as they are notoriously cold and drafty......brrrrrr....

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