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Looking for a book that doesn't seem to exist?

I'm looking for a book I read as a teen. It was called Green, or Grene. But when I look for it there are NO records of it ever being a book. I don't remember the author, but it was YA fiction. The front cover was light green with a dark haired girl on it. I think she was wrapped in thorns.

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    The Green Book by Jill Paton Walsh?

    "We are at Shine, on the first day, " says Pattie, when, as the youngest member of the group, she is given the honor of naming the new settlement. Refugees from the dying planet Earth, they, along with other ships, have been sent into space in the hope that some of them will survive to continue the human race. But the success of Shine remains doubtful as crops fail and provisions brought from Earth dwindle. Even the excitement surrounding the hatching of the giant moth people from the "boulders" in Boulder Valley doesn't make the group forget the hopelessness of the situation. It isn't until Pattie and her sister Sarah make an important discovery that survival becomes a certainty.

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    ...what was it about??

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