How do I turn the tap click my laptop?

Somehow I messed around and accidently clicked the tap click off. But I want it back on if your not sure what the tap click is, its when you can just tap the mouse area on your laptop and it will go instead of having to use the clicker. My laptop is an acer if that helps any on how to get to it to turn it back on.


When I accidently turned it off it was like a few options and tap click was there its like when you right click it all that stuff pops up but its not popping up now, I must have hit something else.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What you have to do is

    Step one: go to Start menu

    Step two: go to Control Panel

    Step three: Printers and other Hardware

    Step four: Mouse

    In some cases, the mouse has it's own menu, and would appear when you go to the control panel.

    When you are on the mouse menu, go to Touchpad and check on the option "Tap to Click"

    Click on OK .

  • nikkai
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    1 decade ago

    Go to your mouse properties and then in that box you will find the option to turn it on / off

    it is there some where honest (I don't have an Acer but that is where the option is)

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