Spiritually Speaking- Just Throwing A Q Out There Before Vot Gets Into Bed....?

Vot has heard of people being "stalked" by other users on Y!A who send them a flood of emails and the like until they are forced to block them..... but do you have a devoted fan (for lack of a better term xD) who mentions you in almost all their answers (exposing the "fact" that you are not one individual but actually 5 religious bigwigs living in different parts of the world all sharing the same account) and it doesn't matter whether you have answered that question or not?

Vot doesn't know whether to be disturbed, or flattered xD


It can be amusing though to know you affect someone so deeply they can't help talking about you in their answers. S/he's never emailed Vot though, which utterly breaks my heart </3


When you think of the word "obsession", which Bible character comes to mind? xD

Vot'll check the answers in the morning (St. Petersburg time)- goodnight!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    That's freakin' creepy! I once saw an <unnamed> user here tell my favorite contact, Laptop Jesus, that "tall green and scaly says hi" - WTF? (I knew he meant me because he's pretty stalkerish.) He actually had the nerve to speak for me?! I didn't want to answer because I know I'd have gone into a BIG rant, and we have mutual contacts and I don't want to cause hard feelings. (That's the only reason I haven't blocked him.) Anyhow, it still kinda creeps me out to this day.

    Goodnight, (((Vot)))

  • Kevin
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    1 decade ago

    Vot, YOU are of the very few in this world that really are VERY rich and Very famous! Most would think they would be famous when they get an invitation to the White house. Some not to be out done would feel famous if while being with president the "RED" phone rang and the president said "not now I'm busy". Still others would feel famous when the "RED" phone rang the president said "it's for you"!

    But we know better! The president of anything would NEVER be ANY type of mach to Jehovah! So if you personally get an invitation from Jehovah (which you have), that would make you a MUCH more famous person than the one getting the call on the "RED" phone!

    As far as riches go, if a person had all the gold in the world and was not approved by Jehovah to enter into the "New System" just how rich is he really? But you now, you have riches saved up where it REALLY counts! You have riches that CAN be spent unlike the person that will NOT be here!

    SOOO, like Kevin # 1 was saying, Kevin # 2 has an answer for the who's who in the zoo when it comes to the really rich and famous. It's YOU sister VOT!

  • Rick G
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    1 decade ago

    Stalker type - Amnon and his obsession with his half sister, Tamar. 2 Sam. 13.

    How is that similar? Nothing as between the Vot "stalker" and Vot. No way would Vot think to come to aid the stalker in a personal visit with him.

    But it is similar in the hurtful desire that is expressed, in tracking her answers, making false claims and the desire to corrupt her message.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I insulted an ever changing troll who i think stalks me now, he cloned me once.

    He is now "Kaldat Bob" i think he is serious on some level but also just want to insult atheists and the entire scientific community.

    Ha h have an E-mail from him

    "You can not be a Christian! You are Fake! You support the Homosexual agenda and your religion is the Evolution!

    You need a good church that does not belive evolution or have any gays!"

    All his E-Mails are like this

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  • Ki-Utopia? Wasn't that the same guy that accused me of being an owl worshipping, Trinitarian double agent working directly for the Governing Body to police Yahoo Answers and ruffle the feathers of JW opposers?

  • 1 decade ago

    If you refer to Ki, we at Ish Corp. believe the user was trying for humor but Missed by a lot. Either that, or Ki is a nutter beyond most we've encountered.

    Source(s): IshVarLan are Christians, several dozen Jehovah's Witnesses
  • 1 decade ago


    Not the one of Tarsus, the King in the OT. He seemed pretty crazy (once he disobeyed the Lord and His prophets)

    He's the first one that came to my mind.

  • sabraw
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    4 years ago

    (((Goddess & Tippi))) sure even toothless and hairless you husband remains smitten with you. :-) sure there are days that make me choose to crawl back to mattress yet then back in case you're there already i might run back to mattress. ;-) As others element out the rain does not final continuously that's going to bypass. i might additionally upload Rain makes rainbows of the sky, tears make rainbows of the soul". in case you extremely need to do away with your husband then in basic terms ask him to illustrate his fireplace-strolling skills the subsequent time you blow up a hearth pit. lol _()_

  • 1 decade ago

    It happens to everybody when they are rich and famous!

    I'll get another user to explain as he once told me. He called me on the phone and when I answered, "Hello" he replied "Hello, rich and famous".

    You'll see who I'm talking about when he answers and I'm sure he will.

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