How to help a wilted calla lilly?

I bought some yellow calla lilies in a pot from a local store. I had them indoors for a while and they appeared to start looking a little wilted so I figured they were not getting enough sun light. I brought the plant (still in it's pot) outside by the rest of my plants so it could stay bloomed. Well it dramatically got worse quickly. After a week of having it outdoors it appears the plant is completely wilted/dying. I have tried to water it more but nothing seems to be helping- and only making it worse. I read a little bit that the colored calla lilies go dormant in the summer and then rebloom- instead of staying in bloom all summer. Is that true? What should I do to help my plant?!?!?!

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    1 decade ago
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    If it was in a pot when you bought it, I'd check to make sure it's not rootbound. If the roots are very compact and look like they've been growing around and around the inside of the pot, you need to repot it as soon as possible so it doesn't die. To do this, remove the plant from the pot and gently loosen the root ball a little with your fingers without breaking the roots (as much as this is possible), then repot it. Calla lilies are warm-climate plants, so depending on where you live, it may do more harm than good to put them out this time of the year- try setting them in a south-facing window. Beware of overwatering it, too- I assume the pot you bought it in has drainage holes, but if not, it needs to be moved to a pot that does have them. Finally, most plants have a period of growth and blooming, and a period of rest, but if the leaves have turned yellow or brown and are falling off, that's often a bad sign. I really hope this helps! Just remember, there are always going to be failures along with successes in gardening, and sometimes there's not much you can do except try again and do things a little differently. Good luck!

    Source(s): Personal experience- I've grown a variety of plants for 5+ years and am currently growing calla lilies.
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