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Fable 2 corruption help?

I bought a house and when i slept in the bed there it said the villagers think i am corrupt??

What does this mean; not the definition of corrupt but how did this come about?

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    Check to make sure that you didn't buy it, then rent it out. If someone else was already living there, the villagers will see you as slightly corrupt. Also, was your character sleeping with somebody?

    It's easy to get rid of corruption - lower rent rates, buy out the stores and lower their rates, etc. Make things really cheap for the people. Also buy 5 star furniture and replace the furniture in any place you own with it. :)

    Source(s): played and beaten Fable 2 :)
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    Certain houses have certain effects when you sleep in them. Some give you health regeneration, some will make you seem more attractive, etc. This one makes you appear more corrupt. Just sleep in another bed somewhere (even a bed at the inn will do) and it will go away.

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    It could be a number of things since corruption is affected by many aspects of the game:

    You could have slept for too long, sometimes sleeping all the time and doing nothing has a bas effect.

    You might have done something bad before and all the time you spent sleeping made it worse.

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    If you have a lot of money and do nothing good to help the town they view you as corrupt.

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