Muslim : Can We Pray For Non - Muslim To Convert Into Muslim?


Actually, to my surprise, i saw a guy who was handsome beyond words and i think there is no word that can describe him, he was so amazingly handsome. probably right now, i think he is the most handsome guy, subhanAllah!(don`t get me wrong,hehe) yeah, i was kinda excited when i saw him, and i think everyone was falling for him as he walks in front of a restaurant.

But, i think he`s christian or something, but if only i can pray for him, so God will change his heart, and converts into Islam. SubhanAllah, i think God creates beautiful and amazing creatures, and it`d be great if he`s muslim. So, can we pray for non - muslim to convert into muslim?


Alhamdulilah, the answers that have been given are very satisfying indeed =) but please, don`t make me confuse =P

Update 2:

Lol, i guess some people are quite curious about my intention. actually, i think it`d be the greatest thing in my life to see a handsome guy like him to pray in mosque, lives a life as a muslim... =D

Update 3:

desperate? i dunno bout that, i`m just wondering.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes we can pray for

    1. Guidance : that May ALLAH guide them on right path which is called Hidaya.

    2. For their goodness that belongs to this Life only. I mean May ALLAH succeed them in their good missions and good works.


    A. U can't pray for a Muslim or Non Muslim that may ALLAH succeed him in his mission what ever it is. I mean we are not allowed to demand success in the missions and actions not allowed by ALLAH. For example U can't pray for a muslim or non muslim that May ALLAH succeed him in Robbery, Rape, etc

    B. As well as the Life after Death is concerned, Muslims are not allowed to ask for forgiveness of Mushrikeen (Non Muslims who rejected Islamic Invitation). It means Muslims are not allowed to pray for Heaven for Non Muslims.

    The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “If a single person were to be guided to the right way through your efforts that would be better for you than owning the whole world as a treasure!”

    And Allah knows best

    Source(s): tnhz
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  • 4 years ago

    First of all do not be dismayed by all the attacks you see here against Islam. As you can see all such messages are filled with ignorance and assumptions which are baseless. I am an American who embraced Islam and the best advice I can give is to read up on the basics of Islam first. Be sure first & foremost that this is the decision you want to make. It should not be done for anyone's sake, but rather only to please Allah swt. It is vital for you to get networking with a group of sisters in your local area who can sit with you and discuss things. Many you will find will be from overseas, but many also will be born and raised in the UK and also British converts, so they will understand your point of view best. To actually convert all you have to do is say the declaration of faith, preferably at the mosque with witnesses. Then try and attend any classes they offer. You will find it all very new, even a bit confusing in the beginning, but thats perfectly normal. Dont try to be a "super-muslim" right away. If you choose to embrace Islam, nurture your new found faith by educating yourself and inshallah (God willing) it will grow. Best of luck.

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  • 10 years ago

    Walaikum Salam,

    We should always pray for everyone in this world..... (at least I do it)

    and pray so that their sins is forgiven by Allah SWT the Greatest Forgiver

    they are our family, (far2 far away from Adam AS) and didnt the Qur'an said that everymen are brothers and sisters??

    so yes you could

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  • Why he handsome have anything to do with it? But yes, you can pray for others to accept all the prophets and become muslim.

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  • 10 years ago

    Do not tell Muslim men you find a Non Muslim handsome and attractive.

    Nothing upsets them more.

    Do not dare especially if you are in certain Muslim localities of the world for your own safety.

    You are an ideal target for frustated Muslim men who want to declare you a whore and justify molesting you because "are not a true Muslim who has insulted Islam"

    Source(s): See it all the time Also see denial all the time.
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  • 10 years ago

    Your prayer won't turn him as Muslim if Allah is not willing to guide him/her.

    Allah forbade Ibrahim AS from making dua to Allah for their forgiveness because his father was

    a Kafir and used to make Idols for people to buy from him to worship. Ibrahim AS invited him to accept Islam, but his father threaened to beat him and finally ordered him to leave his house.

    Ibahim AS was born in Babylon in modern Iraq. Ibrhahim AS travelled to Egypt and then he

    settled in Palestine in the city of Hebron where his tomb is still present.

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  • 10 years ago

    The most handsome guy on earth isn't outside, its in the inside.

    Outside will rot through out the days.

    but anyways...You can ask allah swt to guide him to the right path.


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Sorry dear, to break gently to you like this.

    God respects free will in every human. You must always bear that in mind.

    God WON'T ever make him be whatever you want him to be - BECAUSE GOD RESPECT FREE WILL. God doesn't make anyone a prisoner of His divine will. That's the truth. It took me a painfully long, long time to understand God.

    The handsomest man whom you fancy is entitled to be whatever he wants to be in life. For example, if he doesn't want to be Muslim, then he won't be one and God WON'T ever change this man's mind, no matter how many duas are prayed to God, no matter how long you may perpetuate your prayers.

    The thing is, you CAN'T choose any man you may want, however desperate you are. God won't choose this man for you, unless this man is your soulmate divinely matched to you.

    You can go on praying all the duas for as many years as you like. Eventually and painfully, you'll discover why the man won't come to you - it's all because God respects this man's free will and his freedom of choice as He does ours.

    Alternatively, ask God to choose a man who He thinks is best for you.

    Let God do all the choosing for you rather than imploring God to choose any particular man whom you fancy. You have to let go of your particular needs and embrace God's choices for you.

    God chooses only what He thinks is only for your highest good.

    If God chooses that particular man for you, then this man is meant for you and is your divinely matched soulmate.

    If God chooses someone else, don't despair. Whatever God chooses is many times better than your expectations. Be glad that the man isn't going to be a wife batterer or axe murderer. No matter what you may think, don't ever refuse God's choice of man for you, if this man happens to be someone else.

    All the same, do ask God to choose a man for you, a man of God's own choice for you. Let's see what happens within a few days or months, within a few years. Have patience. The man will come at God's chosen time.

    Whatever rosy expectations you may have of this handsomest man in mind, he might someday shatter your illusions and break your heart big time. Be prepared for any disappointment. Meanwhile, be strong and brave.

    Remember, the handsomest men on earth can lose their looks, come down with obesity, acnes, hair loss, myriad health problems, etc. Your handsomest man might become one of them: bald, fat and ugly. Then you'll fall out of love with him.

    I wish you best of luck for your future happiness. Cheers.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Before you convert non Muslims to your faith, Sunnis must convert Shia to the truth and Shia must convert Sunnis. Then you must get Muslim fanatics and terrorists to follow the truth in your Quran.

    You don't invite a stranger into a dirty house; clean up your act first.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    First of all, that was obviously me, and I am Muslim.

    However lower your gaze! And you MUST pray that the people are guided!

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