Why is peace with God "through Jesus --> Christ"; Reconciliation to God "through Christ --> God-ward"?

The foundation laid is Jesus Christ (Grace and Truth).

The house of God to be built on it is Grace and Peace.

End goal, roof top of building, is ww reconciliation to God.

Be ye reconciled "to God" (can't die); Via Jesus --> Christ ---> God.

"THROUGH Jesus --> Christ"; then "THROUGH Christ --> God-ward".

Concerning Jesus Christ, Grace and Truth thereof,

further biblical clarity about such foundation laid is:

- Jesus: brought division, not peace; as head of children

- Christ: is our peace, not divided; as head of every man

Peace with God is "through" Jesus --> Christ, "in Christ".

For there is no respect of persons (partiality) with God, who

is not the author of confusion, but the author of peace; And

Jesus is Saviour of Israel, but Christ is "Saviour of the world".

So reconciling the world "to God" is done "in Christ", not Jesus.

Yet ww reconciliation is not to Christ, but "to God" can't lie or die.

So the final stage of the journey is "through" Christ --> God-ward;

To lay hold on eternal life (not life after death, but life void of death).

So then, are many 'believers', believing all sorts of churchy things,

missing the word "through" means in one side, out the other side,

as if "through" a door, way, from division (Jesus) to peace (Christ),

by remaining focused only on Jesus, instead of going on to Christ?

For it seems Jesus ppl are still divided, when they should be united;

Not to mention reconciliation to God is done in Christ, not in Jesus,

and we all are one are called the body of Christ, not the body of Jesus.

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    Daniel the Law of God will stand fast forever and ever. The Sabbath has never been changed by divine authority. Therefore all mankind under grace are required to keep the Sabbath day Holy from sunset Friday until sunset Saturday(Matthew 5:17,18; Romans 3:31; Romans 7:12; 1 John 2:4; 1 John 5:3; James 2:10-13; Revelation 12:17; Revelation 14:12; Revelation 22:13,14).

    KEEP THE LAW UNDER DIVINE GRACE. Grace does not abrogate the Law of God. Grace does not abolish the Holy Law. Grace does not cancel the Law. Grace upholds the Law of God. Grace magnifies the Holy Law. Grace and Law go hand in hand. They kissed each other at Calvary.

    Daniel, if they knew of the who/why of this "change" and the twists/distortions of the Truth, they would realize??? here is just "some" of the documentation I have in support of the Truth, I don't know how serious others take this, but I do indeed take it serious when choosing to follow Jesus and His teachings...if many do not or will not recognize the Truth, then one should ask themselves,,just how serious are you about your committment and relationship with the One you claim to serve? all "we" can do is present the Truth, what you do with it is up to "you"...Peace/Love God Bless

    The catholic mirror Sept. 23, 1893

    "Halting on crutches of unequal size,One leg by truth supported, one by lies

    thus sidle to the goal with awkward pace, Secure of nothing,but to lose the race.

    excerpt and in their own words and statement:

    in the present article we propose to investigate carefully a new (and the last) class of proof assumed to convince the Biblical Christan that God had substituted Sunday for Saturday for His worship in the new law, and that the divine will is to be found recorded by the Holy Ghost in apostilic writings.

    We are informed that this radical change has found expression, over and over again, in a series of texts in which expression, "the day of the Lord," or the Lord's day." is to be found

    The class of texts in the NT, under the title"Sabbath" numbering sixty-one in the Gospels, Acts and Epsitles; and the second class in which "the first day of the week." or Sunday, having been critically examined (the latter class numbering nine [eight]; and having been found not to afford the slightest clue to a change of will on the part of God as to His day of worship by man, we now proceed to examine the third and last class of texts relied on to save the Biblical system from the arraigment of seeking to palm off on the world, in the name of God, a decree for which there is not, the slightest warrant or authority from their teacher, the Bible.

    another excerpt pg. 11 of Rome's Challenge

    But alas! we are once mored doomed to disappointment. Nine times do we find the Sabbath referred to in the Acts, but it is the Saturday (the old Sabbath). Should our readers desire the proof, we refer them to chapter & verse 15:21; again Acts 16:13, 17:2; 18:4 "And he [Paul] reasoned to the synogague every Sabbath, and pursuaded the Jews and the Greeks." Thus the Sabbath (Saturday) from Genesis to Revelation!!! Thus it is impossible to find in the New Testament the slightest interference by the Saviour or His apostles with the Original Sabbath, but on the contrary, an entire acquiescence in the original arrangement; nay, a plenary indorsement by Him, whilst living; and an unvaried, active participation in the keeping of that day and no other by the apostles, for thirty years after His death, as the Acts of the Apostles has abundantly testified to us.

    Hence the conclusion is inevitable; viz., that of those who follow the Bible as their guide, the Israelites and Seventh Day Adventists have the exclusive weight of evdience on their side, whilst the Biblical Protestant has not a word in self defense for his substitution of Sunday for Saturday. More anon.

    there is plenty more of course, perhaps google for "Romes Challenge"

    the almost forgotten day

    Rev. 14:6-12 a three fold message that goes out to the whole world just before Jesus returns. One of the key issues in this message is Worship. It draws a dark contrast between those that worship Him that made-the Creator- and those who worship the beast...Genesis 1:31 no pain/suffering, no disease and no death:-) Creation was perfect! on the seventh day, God did something more (Genesis 2:1-3) He rested, He blessed the seventh day and He sanctified it or set it apart for Holy use. Not because He was "tired" Isaiah 40:28 He showed as example. This day was given to us hundreds of years before there were Jewish peoples and is intended so we could rest from the day to day affairs of life and simply spend time with Him.

    the Sabbath is important because it keeps us focused on the fact that God is the Creator. 1Chronicles 16:26/Psalm 96:5 & Jeremiah 10:11,12 points out what sets God apart from false gods is His creative ability. false gods cannot create something out of nothing. niether can satan, this is why he hates the 4th Commandment, points

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    Sadly almost nothing ofr what you say makes any sense .. that ought to bother you a little bit ..I have a pretty exceedingly sttrong ability to think out of a box and i don't get half a sentance of what you're saying ..and 30 more sentance like it don't seem to help at all ..Try breaking down what you're trying to say more logicly or just stop bothering because no one gets it ..you can think you're smarter or really on to some new wild concept or bible code etc .. guess what the bible is simple enough for a child .. if you really were that crafty .. you'd be able to relate .. either you want to be not relating or you don't care ..either way it's not insightful . no one is getting it and most aren't bothering to even glean a piece of what you're trying to say ... Unless all you are attempting to do is somehow considered art .. then so is horrific blashemy ..Allow yourself to say less ... with more relatability .. yeah you might have to talk down to people who just don't get you but when you relate .. than you can communicate.

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    10 years ago

    His name is Jesus Christ. Not all people have a split personality so dont try to Give the Messiah one. Why do you seek to bring division where none exists?

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    10 years ago

    Think peace is through a universal and acceptable FORMULA (we put names of divinities to attract those at poor mindsets-out to create divisions between man and man)

    [ hey if you don't like my answers FREE to go to a witch doctor for a voodoo prescription !]

    Source(s): JHKR
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  • 4 years ago

    Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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    10 years ago

    It is all in the sadomasochistic Bible written by people like you and I... An ONLY father having his ONLY son slaughtered because the first woman that he "created" pissed him off in her quest for knowledge!

  • 10 years ago

    The Savior YAHUSHUA (His name means 'YHVH's salvation') brings us the grace to do things pleasing to YHVH, and thus to be in harmony with Him.

  • 10 years ago

    God-wad? (That should catch on.)

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