38 weeks pregnant and really dont feel well..?

please help.

im 38 weeks pregnant, feeling overly tired, head ache, trouble passing stools, heartburn, feeling sick and top of my uterus kees going numb... is this normal?

just to add this is my 2nd child... i had no similar symptoms when pregnant with my first child who is now 7 years old.

thanks i advance x

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  • 10 years ago
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    sounds normal to me. You are tired because of the obvious reasons lol.. Probably constipated from all the pressure the baby is putting on your bowels, heartburn is normal (old wives tale says it means the baby will have a head full of hair!!). You may feel sick because your stomach is so small right now because of the pressure from the baby. And when I was pg with my daughter my entire top half of my stomach was numb, the doctor said it was the nerves in the skin stretching to the max, it will go away with birth! Try taking some regular strength tylenol for the headache, it helps a lot!

    If you suddenly have lots of swelling, blurred vision or seeing spots with the headache then call your doctor so they can check your blood pressure and rule out pre-clampsia.

    Any day now, you are almost there! I went with my daughter at 38 weeks!!

    Source(s): mom to 2 yr old and 35 weeks pg
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  • 4 years ago

    I had similar symptoms when I went into labor...Trust me, sometimes, you don't go into labor until your water breaks. Four days before I had my daughter, I went to my doctor's appointment. I was 2cm dialated. She told me it was a good thing she was on call all weekend because she said she'd be surprised if I was in for my appointment the following week. My husband and I did a lot walking. Two days later, I started contracting. I'd had braxton hicks for a good part of my pregnancy so I just watched the clock. They started like braxton hicks but they got stronger and closer. I told my husband and he's like "Let's do some more walking" By that afternoon, I called my doctor because they were 30 minutes apart. She said "Go to the ER when they're about 10-7 minutes. I'll be surprised if you're not in by 10pm" I was like "okay. We might be having a baby tonight". I checked into the ER at 9:30pm. I was still having contractions. They checked me. I hadn't changed in FOUR DAYS! They let me labor for a little whille then checked me again. Still no change. They decided to send me home. No sooner had the nurse left to get my discharge papers then I felt a gush down there. I told my husband to get the nurse. My water broke. The nurse said I wasn't going anywhere now. It started to pick up from there. Twelve hours later, we had our baby girl. Sometimes it takes four days and sometimes it starts once the water breaks. It will come, honey. Hang in there!!! Remember, walking helps immensely. If nothing else, it will help you refocus your mind and it makes labor easier.

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    10 years ago

    A lot of that does sound normal, but you may want to call your doctor just to be sure. It could be your body preparing for labor but it may not. I'm not sure if a numb feeling is normal or not.

    Good luck!

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  • 10 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    oh the joys of late pregnancy :) so glad im not pregnant anymore! its very normal and the good news is you can see the finish line ahead! just keep pushing through it! good luck and congratulations:)

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  • 10 years ago

    completely normal lol if you are worried still in a couple of days go and talk to ur doctor

    congrats on bub and good luck.

    Source(s): nurse
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  • 10 years ago

    call yoru doctor or go to see your doctor

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