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Looking for new Toyota Tacoma Extra cab Prerunner or TRD Version?

I am looking for a brand new Toyota Tacoma it can be an 09 or 2010 Toyota Tacoma Extra Cab Prerunner or possibly TRD for $23,000 out the door. I want it have back windows to be factory tinted already. Now that I am starting my new job I need a truck. Any suggestions or recommended dealers?


I forgot to mention anywhere in San Diego I would buy from as long as I could find my a new Tacoma for that price out the door

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    just search dealersips on and call them all and tell them exactly what you want and let them find it for you.

    and i gaurantee you some guy that says "combat vetran" in his source box will tell you that they rust and toyota kills babies or something like that, don't listen, he is just a cranky old man that i sad because his chevy isn't cool anymore

    Source(s): experience, not bullshit
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    tbones... of direction you are able to take the newborn domicile... in the experience that your purely motor vehicle has no backseat then what are you meant to do? I relatively have a Mazda Miata and there's a MARKED place to hook a vehicle seat as much as (no longer that I EVER might positioned my son in it... I tension my husband's SUV now because of the fact of that reason).... as long as there is suited no longer elementary positioned directly to place in a vehicle seat into the motor vehicle then it is completely felony... it is not the main secure subject to do even with the undeniable fact that... in case you may do it for a rapid jointly as the the airbag could be became off. If I have been you i might attempt to commerce the motor vehicle in.... or perhaps commerce automobiles with somebody on your loved ones. My mom presented to commerce automobiles with me and take the Miata and supply me her 4 door coupe yet i desperate it wasn't mandatory considering that my hubby had a motor vehicle i ought to apply. it is extremely risky positioned slightly one interior the front seat. In an twist of destiny your infant has an exceptionally plenty greater danger for demise whilst interior the front seat of a motor vehicle.

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    I could tell you to go to Conicelli, but what good does a dealer in Philly do you, if you live in Florida? You didnt say where you're located, so how can you expect anyone to suggest a local dealer that will work with you on price?

    Do your own legwork.

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