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What is a Visual Diary And how do you make one?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A visual diary is a book of some description that you draw, paint, etc. in. It 'illustrates' your life. If you feel like drawing a cat, you draw that. If you see a flower that stands out, you draw that.

    Sometimes you may have a theme, like animals, so you'll relate everything to that.

    I'm currently keeping one for my Arts course that contains sybolic reflections of myself as i ready for surgery. It contains images that symbolise my pain, my fear, and my gratitude.

    I'd love for you to contact me about your visual diary, as i love to talk art with people :)

    Good luck.

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    Visual Diaries

  • 1 decade ago

    I am actually making a visual diary right now for my university coursework. What i've been asked to do is to choose an ever changing area, like for instance the local shops with its different weathers, people ect, or even something simple like a kitchen sink, boring but it will still have different items to draw, and i've had to fill two sketchbooks with drawings of the same scene but at different time, portraying the scene in different ways depending on what I see and how I feel at the time im drawing it.

    I have chosen my local shops, I have drawn the local shops at different time of the day using different media, i.e. pencil, pen, chalk. It is basically personal to you and as long as you have enough sketches in your sketchbook of a chosen scene using diferent media you can't go far wrong. I suggest filling at least 2 A5 sketchbooks.

    Any more questions and i'll be happy to answer them!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Self portraits? If your overwhelming feeling is that your life is mundane and boring show that by each week presenting 3 different self portraits. The repitition itself will convey the story- your boredom! You can mix it up by using a different drawing technique for each image (ie Blind drawing - look in the mirror and draw without looking down at the page, continue drawing until you believe you have got all of your features down without looking until the end. You will end up with an unusual, abstracted image but the line will be interesting and will also tell the story of how you drew the image. You can also try timed drawings, wrong handed drawing, drawing in different material, from different angles, etc etc).

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